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 This Week's Tech-Talk: Internet

1. VIDEO ...  Should You Sign Into Other Accounts with Facebook or Google?
2. ARTICLE ... Should You Sign Into Other Accounts with Facebook or Google?
3. COMMUNICATING ... One-sentence paragraphs

NOTE: To view the VIDEO, click here<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001U7h-9ibob5VZ7e4_XwXYMWOX9P-gtHaYWQNEmdfuSSURkzwJrvFNo4zYnWCNrbrO_UI6jiJ2g9IjNn4HxYIwuayGeDKthspjueTcrI-6z7eejP4LzzTR2siLfOsIrT1Xbs1GjvqnLh6gztgMchUPm1VSbo5jEuOK1Lpq1B8_TJBfq1J0uq3fN84SH4TZgRpb9sEdwwZkNE5yJsCRy1Xl2YCY8diek-M3&c=zx122VZHyYWsjcEGeuZPgWCzHZV-5yLC1BvjnHP7vbePjtRORJ4KjQ==&ch=XxR-x16WpYvBHQzBiQO51lJBsg6fbUTpAT9hrfepflJoU9Leb1KHQg==>. Enter the User Name and Password!

Tech-Talk: INTERNET - Sign Into Accounts with Facebook or Google?

[3rd party app]

I was recently signing up for a new online tool (Vimeo). It offered the options to set up the account with my email… or I could "Join with Facebook" or "Join with Google".

They would let me use my Facebook or Google user name and password … instead of creating a new and unique one for the site.

Hmmm… on one hand I'm thinking it would be nice to not have to remember another log-in. But how would essentially "connecting" these two accounts benefit, or even hurt me?

WHY is this option becoming so prevalent? Let's take a look at this question as well as the benefits and potential problems ... so that you can decide for yourself.

Combined Log-ins with Sites Like Facebook and Google

It's not a new thing to encounter a dual log-in option for online tools (and smart phone apps) ... where they suggest you sign-in with an account like Facebook, Google or Twitter -- instead of creating a new one.

Smaller web tools and apps (e.g. Dropbox, Asana, Vimeo) ... benefit from linking to these types of account (Facebook, Google) for two main reasons.

[sign in with 3rd party app]

1. Authentication. They don't have to store your login info. They let one of the "big guys" handle this important validation step. Sites like Google offer more security measures, such as two-factor authentication (requiring not only a password and username, but also another piece of information or security question… eg. name of oldest cousin, street lived on as a child.)

2. Access to your personal data from your accounts such as Google. Facebook and Twitter. (Eeeks! See the section on managing your "Permissions" below).

What are the Benefits to You of a Combined Log-in?

When you use your sign-in credentials from sites like Facebook or Google to access another site or app:

·     You don't have to remember another user name and password. That can be handy.

·     The mega-sites like Google and Facebook have a higher degree of security to protect your account then other smaller web tools and apps. They have the vast resources needed to stay on top of security.

·     It makes it easier to cross-post from one site/app to the other. For example, again, if I used my Facebook log-in for Vimeo, it would make it easier for me to share any videos I have on Vimeo directly to my Facebook page.

What are the Potential Disadvantages of a Combined Log-in?

·     Your data will be shared between tools. For example, if I had chosen to "Join with Facebook" to log into my new Vimeo account (as in the example above), Vimeo would have access to my public profile, my friends list, etc… I may not care as the info in my profile is already public.

·     If I haven't changed my permissions (restricting it), then dual login could give the app access to my "friends" list also.

·     If someone gets my user name and password, they will have access to all my connected accounts. I want to control whether or not Facebook has the ability to post on my behalf to my wall. So I will change the restrictions.

·     If by some strange chance my Google or Facebook account is hacked, my other accounts will also be at risk -- as they share the joint log-in.

In our research, we've found that the industry is split about 50/50 on the idea of dual log-in capabilities. Now that you know what's going on, you can look at the pros and cons of each and decide what's best in your situation.

Already Using Facebook, Google or Twitter to Log-in to Other Sites?

If you already have connected accounts like this, you can check (and change) the "permissions" regarding personal data that may be shared between them.

You don't want to be surprised if something you posted to one account automatically shows up in another. As in our Vimeo example, if I posted a video of a family event to share with a few people, I don't want it splashed on my Facebook page automatically.

To make sure your connected apps and tools are set up to your preference, you can review and adjust the permissions. Let's look at where to do this in Facebook, Google and Twitter -- the most used platforms that use this type of 3rd party app dual log-in.


[Facebook permissions]

·     Log-in to your Facebook page.

·     In the upper right click on the drop down arrow in the blue bar and choose Settings.

·     Click on "Apps" in the left navigation.

·     Click on top of any app to edit the settings.

·     You can choose the info that Facebook provides to the app like: profile, photos, email address, if the app can post on your behalf, etc... (as in the image below).

[Change permissions]


[Google 3rd party app]

Google only has two choices. It lets you GIVE or REVOKE access to each app individually. You can't pick and choose from a list of permission types as in Facebook.

NOTE: When you revoke an app (such as Vimeo), you will not be able to sign into Vimeo with Google info.

·     Go to the Apps with access to your Google Account page, https://myaccount.google.com/permissions<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001U7h-9ibob5VZ7e4_XwXYMWOX9P-gtHaYWQNEmdfuSSURkzwJrvFNo4zYnWCNrbrOBlD0eeIZbQ35XW_Fkfs8ympXtHzphxUmo4SD-ZjleIKVfWI10KATG48_i9vb4QT5YVbWIyIEK_EtYXyrRUBgpMyTW7v7Vw8kzgBz5KtqQ4o=&c=zx122VZHyYWsjcEGeuZPgWCzHZV-5yLC1BvjnHP7vbePjtRORJ4KjQ==&ch=XxR-x16WpYvBHQzBiQO51lJBsg6fbUTpAT9hrfepflJoU9Leb1KHQg==> (you must be signed in)

·     Click on any of the app names and choose to "Revoke Access" to any apps, sites, and services you no longer use.

[google permission]


Twitter mirrors Google in that you can't cherry pick permission levels for each app, -- you can just revoke their permissions:

·     Log into your Twitter account.

·     Click your image in the upper-right corner of the screen, and select Settings and Privacy.

·     Choose Apps in the left sidebar.

·     View what apps are connected and click the Revoke Access button if you no longer want them.

[Twitter permissions]

Remember, with Google and Twitter, if you decide to revoke access to a certain app, this means that you will need to create a separate log-in and password for the online tool (Dropbox, Asana, Vimeo) -- breaking that dual log-in option.


Communicating: Writing
One-sentence paragraphs

Whether you're writing a story, a report or a press release, creating one-sentence paragraphs can be quite useful.

And it's considered legal in formal writing situations!

Single sentence paragraphs are used to ...
·     Create a transition from one idea to another
·     Give emphasis to an important point
·     Present dialogue between speakers
·     Highlight a quote you're presenting

In email, one-sentence paragraphs are preferred! This approach makes it much easier for the reader to understand each and every thing you've said. Sure, the text is longer, but the speed of reading is faster.


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