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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
e this keyboard shortcut to find your place in a doucment


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 This Week's Topic: QUICK TIP - WORD
1. VIDEO ... Pick Up Where You Left Off in a Long Document
2. ARTICLE ... Pick Up Where You Left Off in a Long Document
3. COMMUNICATING ... What are your communication principles?


Photo by Vernon Raineil Cenzon<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0016FVmSx5aJtPoMQTSjcsUnMP3NRegHDsA71870nhF5Bj7qWFdaCf1a9HHHS1B1yOtSvhMTKd0nEewAEPWLE4xVMYsfjQQNGwbotwooC8w8eLiGSWnjP3yhsjbSHERuIQn61gQwN2Rsyh-59p_tNLjTotOKnUy9gaa26gB7SRQUFooCn_YCVkLU1cCMR8l7CWElCEEYJFHlY3gyZdlC3wRiUIYsD68pIi-aYUB30XfekL-IQvbSJ1HCpjVJYtf8CxBk2SCLMMW4QM=&c=rI6yaGOmcKrzSen5FadF0tP-6sJkn46uEUTaxxuNUlP4nSXkreQLdQ==&ch=f9usDtsSgD1e-AbvAEyfGaVDQ8FzkEaXeE8Q_FpzYhx-Nkk9nlKvtg==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0016FVmSx5aJtPoMQTSjcsUnMP3NRegHDsA71870nhF5Bj7qWFdaCf1a9HHHS1B1yOtjKoimayASGXH6WhCwqDHaihfRqD0N0vZED2scLW80EH4NRV6WhJN104uIojZ_N1GpYWvxiKaqehN3RGkKk_srUgGqYJMx_G4ihcxXaofykqLtyZnNLNE9sQ8dpiv6OKnY_jwKEZZT5FNNNDoyOjB3Y9dFAIeG0OAtRPvAsoZKr7SiKcD7zVyOb5TQB3eIUsiR6zrTExi-NLGZe3IWqIwpe2gSpBIF2jt&c=rI6yaGOmcKrzSen5FadF0tP-6sJkn46uEUTaxxuNUlP4nSXkreQLdQ==&ch=f9usDtsSgD1e-AbvAEyfGaVDQ8FzkEaXeE8Q_FpzYhx-Nkk9nlKvtg==>

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QUICK TIP: WORD - Pick Up Where You Left Off in a Long Document

[pick up where you left off]

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

You spent a good chunk of time yesterday working in a very large document. Today, you re-open the Word file to resume your work and you have to scroll through the whole thing to find the spot where you left off.

Wouldn’t it be great if Word could just remember where you stopped and take you right back to that location? It can!

[Shift + F5]

The next time you open your document, just press SHIFT + F5.

Typically, this keyboard shortcut will automatically move your cursor to the location of the last change you made before you saved the document.

NOTE: Be sure your fingers are in the right place. Sometimes they move automatically to Ctrl instead of Shift or the number "5" instead of "F5".

TIP: You can also use this handy shortcut if you've made changes to a document, then moved or scrolled to another point in it and would now like to return to the part you changed.


Communication: Principles
What are your communication principles?

Yes, last week we introduced a set of communication principles<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=0016FVmSx5aJtPoMQTSjcsUnMP3NRegHDsA71870nhF5Bj7qWFdaCf1a9HHHS1B1yOtvDwdpR4S4xW2wxpX89Zj-tJOHEfk0b6qEu1Ub3BNqCDJ8G0zXW5DhlIyaGEfZRghSG_B06Mj0n4WoRpDaXKerAXwmMTW2Du-1fK4r2KFfzMzsh7i7oFSEiwuhuOlO--fJhCW2Abn7jo=&c=rI6yaGOmcKrzSen5FadF0tP-6sJkn46uEUTaxxuNUlP4nSXkreQLdQ==&ch=f9usDtsSgD1e-AbvAEyfGaVDQ8FzkEaXeE8Q_FpzYhx-Nkk9nlKvtg==> that were developed by the Brooklyn Public Library. Which of those are important to you in your work environment?

Here's another set that were created by facilitating a group of Xerox Business Services employees. Do some of these resonate with you?

9 Principles for Effective Communications
Xerox Business Services (1993)

Shared Responsibility - Effective communication is a shared responsibility. We are all responsible for processing information when we receive it and asking for it when we don't get it.

Inclusive - Effective communication means including everyone. It is a "bringing in" activity rather than "shutting out." By including people we foster a sense of respect, belonging and allow more accurate information to be shared.

Two way - Effective communication is a two-way process. Even if one person is doing all the talking, the other person needs to be actively listening or communication has not occurred.

Open and Honest - Effective communication is open, honest and direct. We accomplish this by fully and accurately disclosing information - even if it's not the most popular answer.

Active Listening - Effective communication requires active listening, being attentive and using good interactive skills. We can actively listen by testing understanding, clarifying and summarizing.

Taking Action & Following Through - Sometimes, effective communication requires taking action and following through with a commitment. By taking action, we show we've listened and that we value the other person's opinion.

Feedback - We communicate effectively when we give feedback and when we ask for it. Tell people what actions you've taken on their behalf and let them know how they are doing. By asking for feedback, we also ensure that we have met other people's requirements.

Repetition - Effective communication requires reinforcement. Once is never enough! By repeating the same message multiple times, we ensure that the key information is understood.

Passing it on - Effective communication means passing the information on to others. Don't assume they already know. When we pass information on, we empower our workforce.


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