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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
Turn on the "full file name" feature"



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·     May 6: Organizing Your Files and Desktop
·     May 13: Tips to Participate In and Present a Zoom Meeting
·     May 20: Dealing with Difficult People
·     May 27: Delving Into Windows 10 Photos App, Creating Videos

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 This Week's Topic: WINDOWS

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Display the Full File Name
2. COMMUNICATING ... Turn on their ears first
3. LEADERSHIP ... How to show employees they're valued


Photo by Ray Hennessy<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001PNWrluMvg-EJlmWHn1hMUdroE9fIRrr8aavR4vLqCgPKwVqF8KgaU6OqWwveegktXQWrA1pOBlWq0JWCS8xXg1QxFe-y-Ma-BQx0FdiCEdedB3ukwbGyo4tOCZCG59wgXNVH2cbN3QCPvVRgUhriI_xY7-85QogT9q4QsbJAZFC_9sc1hptA3lN-YOQY-wsh5XQPj4mavsuWGZ54M-26dx_xWQ4h-vznctj7Po2nAhk3ZsTARcYtSH4UqAHmgwSOISz93KZGuqE=&c=2qQVnO_eIwZgRd8GUz-hOSePOcvqkXpaKbZxCGE9GumITcIM9E1iNQ==&ch=VmTz82Gbv8XsyG2bsovRdloQ-5AjncaKjVFs0KmtAGPu7JMv0GeduQ==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001PNWrluMvg-EJlmWHn1hMUdroE9fIRrr8aavR4vLqCgPKwVqF8KgaU_dLbr2jAp7rxD07o2dh8F_6lmAT034XaXeeZTMkygX4h6htgXlf8UZzgvfa-kRnMjH4U_flzZ5tj-m_tQA-_bV1OuwLfb0flYDG3A9jWnNSN1bwt3nnwozO-9Nx52dR74wVmpGLToFgsbqFQfzEbHIiiiw81xJzdZnN-OzgkcE2hIehvkGS07H3yt2CAA6H-XFdrsMhZbiE4w7YkkeQFzG2uaF-_rPf8MUJcURSgh0n&c=2qQVnO_eIwZgRd8GUz-hOSePOcvqkXpaKbZxCGE9GumITcIM9E1iNQ==&ch=VmTz82Gbv8XsyG2bsovRdloQ-5AjncaKjVFs0KmtAGPu7JMv0GeduQ==>

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WINDOWS - Display the Full File Name

I opened a PowerPoint document the other day and was frustrated that the Design Ideas<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001PNWrluMvg-EJlmWHn1hMUdroE9fIRrr8aavR4vLqCgPKwVqF8KgaU_dLbr2jAp7rFfPZ0IK_i_jhelwwTaapSll8VlKjBnradexD0PiERk-QRtyRRfu7EP6zLmhcuHLUPFyyl49NJGsLj1FREK8ICI9eunapxhqWAIDAy_c5xmSki8FA6lQZTFoVcJ5Q2sFFh0X7188BCHc=&c=2qQVnO_eIwZgRd8GUz-hOSePOcvqkXpaKbZxCGE9GumITcIM9E1iNQ==&ch=VmTz82Gbv8XsyG2bsovRdloQ-5AjncaKjVFs0KmtAGPu7JMv0GeduQ==> option was grayed out, so I couldn't use it. It took me a minute to realize that I'd opened an old version, a .ppt file – instead of the updated .pptx one.

What would have saved me time and frustration? All I needed to do was turn the "File Name Extension" ON in the File Explorer ribbon. That way I could see the file type right in the name path (.ppt vs. .pptx).

File Name Extension Turned OFF

File Name Extension Turned ON

[file name]

Windows doesn't show the file extensions by default, but you can change a single setting and make Windows 7, 8, or 10 always show each file's FULL name.

You see... each file has an "extension" that tells Windows what type of file it is – a set of characters added to the end of the file name that determines which program should open it. For example, Word documents have the .docx (or .doc) file extension. So if you have a file named Example.docx, Windows knows it's a Word document and will open it with Microsoft Word.

For instance, you may be looking for an image saved as a .png file (as you need the version with a transparent background). If you aren't viewing the file extension, it's hard to tell what version the file is. But if you turn "File Name Extension" on, it makes it obvious.

Example: In the images below, on the left are four logo files. We can't tell what type of file they are. By turning on the File Name Extension, we can now see on the right, that they are .jpg, .png and .gif image types.

[file name extension example]

[file type]

Note: In the above example we're viewing in the "icon" mode so that we can see a picture of the image. If you typically use the "Details" view mode, another way to see the file type is to make sure you have the "Type" column visible. To do this, right-click in the Windows file name bar and be sure that "Type" is checked.

Display Full File Name

To turn the file extension on it's as easy as checking a box when you're using Windows 10. (There's a few short steps if you're in Windows 8 or 7.)

First, for Windows 10, 8 or 7 versions ... open your File Explorer (formerly called Windows Explorer). The quick shortcut is hitting the Windows key + E (for Explorer). Or click the Folder icon in your toolbar.

Windows 10

In the ribbon, click on the View tab and in the Show/hide section, check the File name extensions box. This toggles the setting on.


Windows 7 or 8

In Windows 7 or 8, there are a few more steps. To change the default to show the full file name, including the file type extension:

[file extension]

·     Go to Start in the lower left-hand corner of your monitor and click on the Control Panel.
·     Click Folder Options (older versions may show Appearance and Personalization, and then click Folder Options)
·     Click the View tab, and under Advanced settings, un-check the Hide extensions for known file types and then click OK.

Remember, you can turn this feature on and off at will. You may prefer to use it only when you have a particular dilemma with a file type.


Communications: Talking
Turn on their ears first

Whether you're making an important call, giving a presentation or starting a webinar ... no one is ready to hear what you have to say right out of the box. They have to be warmed up first.

I call it "turning on their ears." I say this because the very first things you say, go in one ear and out the other.

That's why a lot of people like to start with a story. It really captures the attention quickly. People turn on their ears immediately ... and they do that because they've heard something that says "a story is coming."

Here's what happened to make me realize it would be a good tip. (It's always something we try to do in our tech tips ... write a story or ask a question that gets you tuned in for the rest of the article ... starts to "turn your ears on".)

Situation: I was watching a YouTube Video. The woman started with the phrase, "Let's kill two birds with one stone." She then went on to say, "Dolly here. I help entrepreneurs increase their authority and income by creating videos."

So here's what you have to know. No one remembers what you say first! They just don't. Ever!

So you start by saying something that doesn't really matter. You're just setting them up to hear what you really want them to know.

For Dolly, it was that she helped entrepreneurs make money. If she had started with that, no one would have been receptive. They wouldn't have heard. So she chose a throw-away first sentence about "two birds." Then her name ... and finally the most important part.

So think about that when you're trying to get a point across. Give them something that turns their ears on first.


Show employees they're valued

Did you know that there are many articles in prestigious magazines (Harvard Business Review, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Fast Company) that tout endless research studies ... all repeatedly revealing the same truth about workers.

The answer never changes because it's a basic fact.

 Employees will go to the ends of the earth
for managers, when they feel valued!

It's just human nature. And by the way, it's not generational either. It's across the board: Millennials, Gen-Xers, and Baby Boomers.

Great news! Showing people they're valued isn't a budget item. It’s a belief system. It’s a culture at the team level. You set it.

Here are three basic principles you can use to truly value the people who work for, and with, you.

First, let them in on the big picture. Don't do this just once: the first day you hire them. Continually tie in what you are asking them to do, with what the team or the organization is trying to ultimately achieve. Keep reinforcing how what they do matters in the bigger picture.

Second, listen to them. Don't do all the talking. Stop. Ask questions. Ask for suggestions. Ask for their ideas. "What is one thing we could do to make this better?" "How do you feel about this?" "What is one thing that you see might be a barrier in getting this done?" Be available and open to them.

Third, give them recognition. Simply saying "nice job" will go a long way. Responding with a "thumbs up" icon in text will carry a big wallop. Announcing or discussing efforts and achievements in a team meeting … taking five minutes (for you and others) to notice and talk about what their teammates are doing well.


[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001PNWrluMvg-EJlmWHn1hMUdroE9fIRrr8aavR4vLqCgPKwVqF8KgaU-vxbvYTFmIjaw4ebay6ADz63koG8MP6-DvaRCUlW6xRhFvs_jHGpTAJGeVERo4QulUK0Mn3KgE3BMEtDIFGYyB0dAvmogHZcrcCowrLeDIJCLQ0754Eim0=&c=2qQVnO_eIwZgRd8GUz-hOSePOcvqkXpaKbZxCGE9GumITcIM9E1iNQ==&ch=VmTz82Gbv8XsyG2bsovRdloQ-5AjncaKjVFs0KmtAGPu7JMv0GeduQ==>

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