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Tue Nov 3 14:23:55 PST 2020

Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
Customize your bullets


 This Week's Topic: WORD

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Create Your Own Custom Bullets
2. COMMUNICATING ... Where have all the semicolons gone?
3. LEADERSHIP ... Hold two-way commitment conversations

·     Nov 4: Fillable Forms (Word &Google)
·     Nov 18: New Pedagogy for Online Learning... How to Get and Keep Students Engaged in Remote Situations
·     Dec 2: Creating and Maintaining Social Media Accounts (Basic & Intermediate)
·     Dec 16: Video Editing! (You asked for it!)

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[custom bullets]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ObeOoZf7FiAC-Hmp-a7DjzeI7P1o8gtwtsMqxwl-LWyuF8wi0U800_gW-b_BjjjQc6pCx_E9VuzeO7EoTAGz8x4KWysD1Bz3PYaRgXWKv6hi1sPJeeiXEZWhg2Q0WmIGAMe5_-UDqzgiTUW1__OS_IRIrhAHkNlKXzd3dwiqcdos1XxqXjtTJvWz4cblKcIr&c=EhYoveQ7n9orghQMnRcOUhQRdG5sgJTfJMe5BEHJ4lDFfwTUCE-CDQ==&ch=jqC3JAVzT9VuSI3nsa0fCas6gghdYrvAog0EX67RziyAQAdjsm13aw==>

Photo by Ross Findon<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ObeOoZf7FiAC-Hmp-a7DjzeI7P1o8gtwtsMqxwl-LWyuF8wi0U800w9MAlC8rxFtfvVMfIWzse4P7GcQ9Lqo93Eqrhv8YHVwaLupvrV7Cb6JivTSdFlxphY6tpxMbN9AQ8NHbUq_spw-VRkewsc0XTvwpeaY8JegTPZroPlaMwpLsEWDTbEduAU8W-cBSDH2_DkIRtLT-UlND6q--n6A6ryZhjIxNEgxp4AyAqnoE5pPTzWLdwzUYPpnrEwGBT7O&c=EhYoveQ7n9orghQMnRcOUhQRdG5sgJTfJMe5BEHJ4lDFfwTUCE-CDQ==&ch=jqC3JAVzT9VuSI3nsa0fCas6gghdYrvAog0EX67RziyAQAdjsm13aw==> on Unsplash<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ObeOoZf7FiAC-Hmp-a7DjzeI7P1o8gtwtsMqxwl-LWyuF8wi0U800w9MAlC8rxFtJF2vvGHliWqcH5Nw-QScWp7A5KGuDJzoTeCU2hvfu2Wi5WbYNyQUB9BY0mkmMBlqun6Ta76fyzy6DRANTvrq_wMpRI91fKrP-N-ci1ZL7KqTEPUr4nirYFyDu_fM53HTcsOtBCzysKtDVBeAWyf624wiG9kGGWrcICHccyccMauARkJJdEkDVO4ZWaty__PqM1rOhXwuszW1j7A6DdEGkA==&c=EhYoveQ7n9orghQMnRcOUhQRdG5sgJTfJMe5BEHJ4lDFfwTUCE-CDQ==&ch=jqC3JAVzT9VuSI3nsa0fCas6gghdYrvAog0EX67RziyAQAdjsm13aw==>

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Questions about Tech-Talk?

WORD - Create Your Own Custom Bullets

Are your documents full of text and a bit boring? Of course, business writing should be concise and easy to read, but it can appear bulky and long if filled with chunky paragraphs.

Re-working content into bullets can help to:

·     Draw attention to specific information
·     Make it easier to scan the document for an overview
·     Break up the text to communicate more effectively
·     List steps or a process in an easy-to-read format

Below is an example of a page filled with solid paragraphs (left) and broken up with bullets (right) to make it easier to read.

[sample doc]

We use bullets (and numbered lists) all the time in Tech-Talk as you've probably noticed!

In Word you're limited to a handful of default bullet styles and symbols. But did you know that you can create custom bullets from images or pictures in your documents? It's as easy as selecting the picture and defining the bullet. You can use custom bullets to:

·     Bring in the color of your branding
·     Use a logo or icon
·     Incorporate a shape to enhance your message

Add a Custom Bullet in Word

NOTE: You can do this in PowerPoint following the same steps below.

First, identify an image that would make a good bullet. It will be very small, so detailed pictures don't display well. Icons are a good choice. Find free (and low-cost) ones at Iconfinder.com<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ObeOoZf7FiAC-Hmp-a7DjzeI7P1o8gtwtsMqxwl-LWyuF8wi0U8004-jEtT8DNALGRECCEF0jxlk6dLqbZ7S7RGHdl4VZ49KtE1PZT5d8A4IKoIgmLkdLX-8JGr5DGj1Lnr8c4l0yNvIpCysPLRRUw==&c=EhYoveQ7n9orghQMnRcOUhQRdG5sgJTfJMe5BEHJ4lDFfwTUCE-CDQ==&ch=jqC3JAVzT9VuSI3nsa0fCas6gghdYrvAog0EX67RziyAQAdjsm13aw==> (we found the check-box, green arrow and red speech bubble pictured below there for free).

[sample bullets]

To Create a Custom Bullet:

In a Word document, add the text for your bulleted list.

·     On the Home tab, in the Paragraph section click the drop-down arrow next to the bullet icon and choose Define New Bullet.
·     In the window that opens, click the Picture button at the top and in the next window select from where you want to upload the image.
[choose picture]

·     After you select an image (JPG, PNG or GIF) the preview window will show you what your uploaded image will look like as a bullet.

·     If you want to keep it, just click the OK button and it will be added to your bullet library to be used in your current document, or for use in future ones.

[preview the bullet]

Examples of Custom Bullets

Using a company icon to add your branding:
Getting creative with a speech bubble since the bulleted list is about Comments:

[custom bullets]

Stylizing Bullets in Google Docs

While you can't upload your own bullets to a Google Doc, there are more style options than you see in the bullet dropdown list.

·     Inside your Google Doc, create your text list of items.

·     Select the list and click the bullet icon to create a bulleted list. (It doesn't matter which style you choose, you'll change it in the next step.)

·     Make sure your list is highlighted, then click on Format from the menu, choose Bullets & numbering, then List options and finally More bullets.


·     Choose a Category from the drop-down windows and click on an icon to select it. The new special character will be added to your bulleted list.

[bullet style]

Here's a cool feature to find something fast! If you've got a style in mind, use your cursor in the right window to "draw" an idea. We drew a check mark and Google pulled up options that had that style.

[draw a style]


Communications: Grammatical Writing
Where have all the semicolons gone?

"Where have all the semicolons gone, long time passing..." (Remember the song, "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?")

That's what rings in my ears when I think about how few semicolons I have seen in writing these days. They do have a purpose ... and can be quite useful for making your writing clear and understandable.

Several real uses of semicolons have legitimately been replaced with periods. So instead of a combined sentence with two different but connected thoughts and a semicolon ... people are now just creating two sentences. That's fine! (That's one way the semicolons have disappeared.)

You might think that I could have used a semicolon above, instead of an ellipse (three dots), right? But no, it wouldn't work because both parts are not complete sentences.

You want to use a semicolon to show more connectivity ... to keep the thought going with another ... you use a semicolon to reinforce the inter-relatedness. (Yes, I know it's subtle, but really excellent writing pays attention to the nuances.)

I love Tech-Talk; it makes me feel empowered.

You see how the two statements make a more powerful statement than if they were separate sentences.

I love Tech-Talk. It makes me feel empowered.

Then of course, there is the list of items with internal punctuation. Yup, a semicolon is needed!


Tech-Talk comes in a newseltter, with three topics; a database, searchable in a variety of ways; webinars, live so you can ask questions; and a mobile app, which means you're armed with info wherever you go.

Want a little more clarity?

We found a great resource that so easily explains three rules or ways to properly use semi-colons. (My favorite is #3.) The article was carefully crafted <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ObeOoZf7FiAC-Hmp-a7DjzeI7P1o8gtwtsMqxwl-LWyuF8wi0U800_gW-b_BjjjQOCGZ7POalGhbmtwv6jpbFqyZzveGbH44WOamY7dABXtHPkSlLzLW6B-HS9j6nu643E46MdP-MGuyk0_df_ZqNaEFL8MAruZ-aWfwiOs3ZkxkjtcAXMpXTcvTrnGhkdJkgKkcEzmzSqNc-uT5WgC5jkLlgrPB6_yAV3xoISJzeA4=&c=EhYoveQ7n9orghQMnRcOUhQRdG5sgJTfJMe5BEHJ4lDFfwTUCE-CDQ==&ch=jqC3JAVzT9VuSI3nsa0fCas6gghdYrvAog0EX67RziyAQAdjsm13aw==> at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Take a quick look ... and beef up your writing with semi-colons!


Two-Way Commitment Conversations

I bet, if you're a team leader, supervisor or manager, you've assigned tasks or asked people to do things. And you do that a lot, right?

So here's the deal. They can't read your mind. Without a doubt you have some expectations ... or you wouldn't have made the request or given the directive.

That means, if you want the project or task to be successful, you must take some time out for two-way conversations. You need to discuss expectations. By this I don’t mean tossing out a few ideas and telling them what you want done. Take a few minutes to sit down and go over several items that usually go assumed.

Among other things, you want to have a shared understanding of the purpose (yes, people will do better if they understand the importance, the big picture). There needs to be an agreement on the timing and budget. I bet you have some ideas of components that need to be included or suggestions for how to proceed. This two-way conversation is the time to get these out on the table.

Please note that the conversation is called "two-way". Be sure that both parties participate. Let the task-asignee ask questions, make suggestions, share concerns. Ask them for their ideas. Ask them how they feel about the task / project. (Sure, I know you expect them to be happy and willing, but you'll be surprised what you get when you ask; it will be helpful.)

What? You say you're not the leader? That's OK, you've got power too. You can ask for the meeting. You can reiterate your understanding to clarify expectations. What's important in the end is that the discussion is held.

Want more on this topic?

Watch the recording of the Tech-Talk webinar called: How Managers Become Great Leaders and How Team Members Can Thrive Despite Weak Leadership -- Six Questions To Discuss.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ObeOoZf7FiAC-Hmp-a7DjzeI7P1o8gtwtsMqxwl-LWyuF8wi0U8003ievacbGWz4_Pg5Ofvb8Nvh8qBgRcNtV-4jK_kUJW4Zma5Ww7QD42w4tij-tWT3eGVe3_8C5YZxt4qNyVcMK9i6g2Y0rb-3Tkzh6MEyinP8sTg7LoHgrKKUwIzXGkf0Mc96TYrQt5yX-yKeHsavUwP4UAz80rowx4pR7TOJVgh-lTP17LPuo-dRPWL3ocv8aoSN7-QKLRZwyH2lZGzV90f7S7GK4UCIbYj8Dr6rW5QH3-rxP0CEUVxCLwznKRiuQuf2IxILbbCOrIm0a7G9SEVuYr_zM0zM4A==&c=EhYoveQ7n9orghQMnRcOUhQRdG5sgJTfJMe5BEHJ4lDFfwTUCE-CDQ==&ch=jqC3JAVzT9VuSI3nsa0fCas6gghdYrvAog0EX67RziyAQAdjsm13aw==>

[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001ObeOoZf7FiAC-Hmp-a7DjzeI7P1o8gtwtsMqxwl-LWyuF8wi0U8008UTmt1bvs2SynFtVnbCoqRNotUiZ_pDshpUbsbzi2ZFrGOZMzU-NHmGZcYLIKbWF3sFmnMDL7LJqYCcQ9D6hseiYnfnBq4W-k6IvEOciQvIY9LSLh9gQO8=&c=EhYoveQ7n9orghQMnRcOUhQRdG5sgJTfJMe5BEHJ4lDFfwTUCE-CDQ==&ch=jqC3JAVzT9VuSI3nsa0fCas6gghdYrvAog0EX67RziyAQAdjsm13aw==>

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