[techtalk] Do You Know What a Zettabyte is?

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Tue Feb 16 10:14:17 PST 2021

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Exa, Zetta and Yotta Bytes


This Week's Topic: INTERNET

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... Do You Know What a Zettabyte is?
2. COMMUNICATING ... Putting your "thank you" on steroids
3. LEADERSHIP ... Commitment Conversation: Requirements & Resources

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·     Mar 3: Preventing Citation Errors and Protecting Academic Integrity Using Bibliographic Tools
·     Mar 17: Five (5) New and Cool Tricks in PowerPoint
·     Mar 31: 12 Powerful Phrases to Use in Critically Important Work Situations

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INTERNET - Do You Know What a Zettabyte is?


When I purchased a new laptop in the early 2000's it came with about 40 Gigabytes (GB) of storage. That seemed like a lot at the time.

Currently, a new laptop comes with about 256 GB, an iPhone can have as much as 512GB -- and up to 1 Terabyte (TB) on an iPad!

But did you know that there are "byte" measurements beyond a Terabyte called Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte… and even Yottabyte?

These units of measure had to be named as the massive volume of data is growing exponentially every day – on our devices and what is stored online.

So, just what are these units of measure called Peta, Exa, Zetta and Yottabytes?

Bits, Bytes and Zettabytes

A Bit is so small that it is not much use. It takes EIGHT bits to make ONE Byte. So we use "Bytes" as a unit of information storage. Currently, there are eight types of bytes in use.

[byte chart]

(Brontobytes and Geobytes have been the next 2 levels identified)

Generally, a Zettabyte is used to measure LARGE amounts of data. In 2016 there were approximately 4 Zettabytes of data stored in the whole world. In 2021 that number is expected to exceed 60 Zettabytes. Since the size of the Internet doubles about every 2 years, global data storage is predicted to exceed 200 Zettabytes by 2025 with 50% of it stored in the cloud.

What is Contributing to the Data Explosion?

We, as device users, have a high impact on the volume of data being created. Think about how each of us is contributing to the data stored on our electronic devices and "in the cloud."

Every interaction with your computer and phone creates DATA…

·     When you send or receive an email
·     Post something to a website, blog, or make a comment
·     Store files in the cloud in places like OneDrive, Google Drive, iCloud or Dropbox
·     Post to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or upload a video to YouTube
·     Stream music on Spotify, Pandora, or listen to a Podcast
·     Use an app on your phone to request a ride, order a meal, do online banking. Or to turn on your car, play a game, check the weather
·     Ask Siri or Alexa a question
·     Activate your home security system, connected toys and smart speakers
·     Use an online gaming console
·     Transmit through a wearable device like a smartwatch or fitness tracker

When you simply walk down the street your phone may be tracking your location and sending that DATA to the cloud. All of your devices and interactions are constantly gathering, creating and transmitting DATA. It can be startling when you think about how each of us creates DATA.

Think of these mind-boggling statistics:

[data statistics]

The total amount of data created, captured, streamed, and shared in the world is not going to slow down. We are now living in the era of the Zettabyte, but graduating to worldwide data measured in Yottabytes is now within our lifetime!


Communications: Writing & Email
Put your "thank you" on steroids

I'm sure you've asked someone for a favor, or special information, or time on their calendar, right?

Whatever comes to mind, you are often best served to send an email ... or a written note ... saying thank you.

One way to make your gratitude really hit the mark ... have a greater impact ... is to add this phrase:

"I really appreciate it!"

Using these keywords conveys that you really mean it and that you value what they offered. Just saying thank you is to be expected. So the extra phrase is meaningful.

·     "Thank you for spending the time with me. I really appreciate it!"
·     "Thank you for sharing that information. I really appreciate it!"
·     "Thanks for the meeting. I really appreciate it!"


Commitment Conversations -- Taking on a Project

Yup, there is one more element to discuss when you start a new project (in addition to the others listed below).

Commitment Conversations is the name we have given this set of ideas which need to be clarified at the beginning of an effort if you want to achieve the greatest success.

This last subject to talk about is Requirements and Resources.

This is the time for the manager (or person making the request) to make note of specific elements they want to be included. It's also an opportunity to identify what resources might be available.

At this point in the conversation, either one might want to capture creative ideas that could be considered. If you're the manager, it's a good time to solicit ideas the employee has … for discussion, elaboration, encouragement.

And last, remember to discuss what type of resources might be available ... personnel, funding, online tools. The point is not to assume anything!

Examples … Library Campaign
"Be sure to include the executives of the State Library organizations."
"You can use Constant Contact to broadcast and track messages."
"Ask Sheri to assist you with online research."

Other Info on Commitment Conversations...
·     #5 Scope of Ownership<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001M_df3CU-vRZWiBWSA0Lhg1049BZSCTUSN_mKcY050Cnk3oKPiwWyRpxIUbKTuaxKXaN_fWTxinzQewS-ImTagFYxGU7Yu1QmfVZVErneztZpw4N_IBmvlp-1wYJ_VgphNuSfAlio35pRQhOktXP9uC_uHpGF7yzwjDoB_Z2KhLqpjAAPtGA59Z71niCJRNcLb1Qgzjb-Ojf2yKKLGk1fVg==&c=W1PRNwP9CnuyVIyj4kAIJEVuVkF4vZ35_lNVPzGZKLiM9OC0yTeHhA==&ch=YhW4T7IflWNdEN4925VtWzTT6NiEdENojA8zI0D81rnT_Bx4juJ9bg==>; #4 Success Metrics<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001M_df3CU-vRZWiBWSA0Lhg1049BZSCTUSN_mKcY050Cnk3oKPiwWyRg3WEcijt5j2bS3a70HLOGyuO6xNR77Xru4ycwHRgOlyDca3zsEcJESf1FP9ZJbw8YUtry9sPK1PDHyuhhuNR_y1dAbnJXbIbXiJ_Bc0h3F83g-lkDfLvnG7cQZeyjdigl6PIq5YSSpgTrIjrqoYRdMIyrYrjCZpOg==&c=W1PRNwP9CnuyVIyj4kAIJEVuVkF4vZ35_lNVPzGZKLiM9OC0yTeHhA==&ch=YhW4T7IflWNdEN4925VtWzTT6NiEdENojA8zI0D81rnT_Bx4juJ9bg==>; #3 Deadlines<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001M_df3CU-vRZWiBWSA0Lhg1049BZSCTUSN_mKcY050Cnk3oKPiwWyRqNkFaZO6-W3jg4MWf1sFxXl1BeB2G3JOS4EV5K2Acv_7RW_Xba91iki-wfvEdtmFnPZGQjT8qESb42z4OKR-UHOlZxCVeDTZhjvaeszHYsLmgNQCHEEwQw9ABMwafvEdx_VFTkcGpG1yveOwbrgiLdIxnoqcGnSyQ==&c=W1PRNwP9CnuyVIyj4kAIJEVuVkF4vZ35_lNVPzGZKLiM9OC0yTeHhA==&ch=YhW4T7IflWNdEN4925VtWzTT6NiEdENojA8zI0D81rnT_Bx4juJ9bg==>; #2 Project Vision<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001M_df3CU-vRZWiBWSA0Lhg1049BZSCTUSN_mKcY050Cnk3oKPiwWyRqOPGxAYv2ZDmj1FS4VFjathh1njxNC7WtbKoMzq5wbDglYVh9_5Ssgu1kPMEo955-W7jsfBBFtzjwj8mUnKEhGm9cJg_fjFA5NIrS8uaM4lQLsSGDXKqY7wil5FZvbNThjkwZY0PwsBED2dka8U0aWlwSd1VkgFnQ==&c=W1PRNwP9CnuyVIyj4kAIJEVuVkF4vZ35_lNVPzGZKLiM9OC0yTeHhA==&ch=YhW4T7IflWNdEN4925VtWzTT6NiEdENojA8zI0D81rnT_Bx4juJ9bg==>, #1 Overview<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001M_df3CU-vRZWiBWSA0Lhg1049BZSCTUSN_mKcY050Cnk3oKPiwWyRr17Jt1_ML6g66Wx9QTt5e9Y1Bvcw8iaXuNsiHucU-fTSs_e4Fi961YrFwMBYPbFw4mmlUWJMteZNc6nqiNb2z3Sd1rS0NvfGrjF1F_4c-7BZILNqQvDsaFgtQBXGthhmfPFn2mD7AxsVaM6dXELxTVtSLtIFIC8Ww==&c=W1PRNwP9CnuyVIyj4kAIJEVuVkF4vZ35_lNVPzGZKLiM9OC0yTeHhA==&ch=YhW4T7IflWNdEN4925VtWzTT6NiEdENojA8zI0D81rnT_Bx4juJ9bg==>
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