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Greetings and welcome to this week’s issue of Tech-Talk!
Enable or disable browser password managers


This Week's Topic: INTERNET

1. ARTICLE & VIDEO ... How to Get Rid of Saved Browser Passwords
2. COMMUNICATING ... What to never say in front of a group
3. LEADERSHIP ... Commitment Conversations, #2 of 5-part series

·     Jan 20: Pre-Scheduling Social Media Posts with Calendar Tools.
·     Feb 3: Become Spreadsheet Savvy With the Very Basics of Excel & Google
·     Feb 17: Instantly Customize Emails, Documents, Labels … with Mail Merge

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INTERNET - How to Get Rid of Saved Browser Passwords

Have you ever gone to a website where you're supposed to log in ... but instead were automatically placed in your account ... and wondered why? It's scary - especially if you share a computer with someone else because they then have access to your private data.

We're not talking about sites that keep you logged in unless you sign out (like Facebook), but places like your bank, a web tool, or a payment site.


How could this happen ... being automatically logged into an account? Popular browsers like Chrome, Edge, or Firefox can detect your login credentials and save them ... unless you have this feature turned OFF.

The default setting is that when you log into a new site, a box pops up and you are prompted to save the password. You can say "no." But sometimes we find ourselves quickly closing a window and accidentally selecting the "yes" or "save" button. In that case, your password is saved in the browser to make it convenient for you to log in next time.

OK, now that means you may have a bunch of passwords saved in the browser, easily accessed on your computer. Anyone can get to them if they are on your pc.

If you are the only person that ever uses your computer, this may not be a concern.

But if you want to be on the safe side, you can delete any and all passwords that may be in the list each browser has. We'll go through the steps to do this.

Google Chrome

·     Open your Chrome browser and click on the three vertical dots in the upper right of the screen and choose Settings.
·     In the Autofill section of the page, click on the arrow next to Passwords.

[Chrome passwords]

In the Password section, there are three areas to address:

1.  Offer to save passwords. If this is toggled ON, Chrome will prompt you to save a password each time you log into a site, if the page is not already in your list. If you don't want to use this option, toggle it to OFF.
2.  Auto Sign-in. If toggled ON and you have the login credentials saved in your list, Chrome will log you in automatically. If this feature is turned OFF, you will be prompted before logging in.
3.  Saved Passwords. This is where you find all of the passwords that have been saved. You can delete them (or view, modify) by clicking the three vertical dots to the right of each entry.


Mozilla Firefox

·     With the Firefox browser open, in the upper right, click the three horizontal lines and choose Logins and Passwords.
·     On this page, you'll see a list of saved login credentials. Here you can view, edit, or remove any passwords in your list.


To make Settings changes, click the three horizontal dots in the upper right and choose Options.

Now, in the Logins and Passwords section, you have the choices to:

1.  Ask to save logins and passwords for websites. Check the box to be prompted to save passwords. Uncheck this box to disable this option.
2.  Autofill logins and passwords. If there is a password saved for a site, check the box to allow Firefox to go ahead and log you in.
3.  Other considerations. There are other options to take note of such as suggestions on stronger passwords or alerts for unsecured sites.

[password options]

Microsoft Edge

·     Open your Edge browser and click three horizontal dots in the upper right of the screen and select Settings.
·     Click the Passwords option.

In this section you can:

1.  Offer to save passwords. Toggle this on for Edge to prompt you to save login credentials.
2.  Sign in automatically. If this is toggled OFF, Edge will ask permission before logging in. If ON, it will instantly log you in.
3.  Saved passwords. In this section, you’ll see the sites that have been saved. Click the three horizontal dots to edit or delete.

[Edge password options]

Other Password Saving Options

If you don't want your passwords saved to an internet browser, there are other tools available that you can use across all browsers and sync to all of your devices.

We've written about free (and low cost) password manager tools in the past that are easy to use and very secure. Take a look at LastPass<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gfj0MvVCHGQ7k3NdA73aiye-RlpbF868ekBsjxu4jKus3q6C3kbJNpjLFVgnlVAkD_qr74nO9ixgK8GzBhuFSO8EsTrhlxUfIKy99MLoVD-hNFP8ei7F_Kms6AZJDWtvx1HnmDyorgLI303F37jyC1g9FgzW8VUxvqafVg5-lQNSu6-bmhPAH059oZnyaw1DOWIYHHmV_fcLO85p_KLE2LeKW6k211Ev&c=narum_D8eArXdD1RdvUvkKgGv6o3_C0OrK2GRnTX77hk8p8fKldcFw==&ch=A9DnjNcx9SA2m2H6FJL0DXic6_i-G0RMLAs8fB5OWZgTRpNKi9SbdA==> and RoboForm<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gfj0MvVCHGQ7k3NdA73aiye-RlpbF868ekBsjxu4jKus3q6C3kbJNntdGyl_wGeJZN3wpo6IMoIyH-VfoWAEN-tBMnlC5Ik5EJ_8qBLKHzTc3j450s7ihrS6Nn9q8opi4eHbjeEScx0XGSCGhxCAaLVWFujeaB3mLCCrl9-ZChqkbvfuf2Jhowvyhj3uWCnsrNS4ZUbvRRatjq-BMYEz_nJEaSz5unJa&c=narum_D8eArXdD1RdvUvkKgGv6o3_C0OrK2GRnTX77hk8p8fKldcFw==&ch=A9DnjNcx9SA2m2H6FJL0DXic6_i-G0RMLAs8fB5OWZgTRpNKi9SbdA==>.

[other options]


Communications: Talking
What to never say in front of a group

You're up at the front of the room, teaching or holding a team meeting. Or perhaps you're speaking online.

Someone asks a question.

Never, ever say, "That's a great question."

Not even "That’s a good question." or "That’s an interesting question."

Basically, don't judge or evaluate the question – even as praise … especially as praise.

If you do this, even once, everyone else will shut down.  The thought that immediately goes through their heads, is "What about my question? Was it not great? Was it not interesting?"

Without fail this will happen! You won't hear them saying that, but the fear of not being "as good" will creep in. So fewer questions will be asked. Fewer ideas will be offered.

What can you do if you slip? (And you will.) Just immediately say, as an aside, but make sure everyone can hear, “They’re ALL great questions.”


Commitment Conversations (#2 of 5-part series)

In this series, we're talking about what questions need to be asked, what topics need to be discussed ... when giving or accepting a new (somewhat significant) task.

We call them Commitment Conversations and they are not just the responsibility of the team leader. They should be a mutual responsibility, a mutual opportunity ... so that either one can start the discussion.

One type of question that often gets overlooked is around the vision and purpose of the task. Some folks think this not something people need to know. Just do the task; just do what I ask.

However, both individuals can benefit from understanding this big picture idea. Ask, what is the ultimate vision of the project … its purpose? How does it tie into the big picture? Which of our goals does it support?

Yes, this is the kind of insight that people want to know! It makes them feel valued and respected to have this conversation. Knowing this also helps them do their job better. Any time a task gets tied to a higher purpose, the execution of that effort will yield better results.


“The press kit I’ve asked you to put together will not only help get higher event attendance, it will also help our cardholder development.”

“The software we’re developing plays an integral part
in our foreign expansion plans.”

“Keeping the bathroom spotless improves our reputation with customers.”

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[Ask a question]<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?f=001gfj0MvVCHGQ7k3NdA73aiye-RlpbF868ekBsjxu4jKus3q6C3kbJNu97ssEFnx0Z4nFsYFAeiFjOd7k0Kiaou4RszAgW57OrstRilbISbtVB-azHMjS8GWzR9lUJGmkz_-Wp8QcEF-WgfSCnr7nqwOoOohY81femQO7m7zjmyQQ=&c=narum_D8eArXdD1RdvUvkKgGv6o3_C0OrK2GRnTX77hk8p8fKldcFw==&ch=A9DnjNcx9SA2m2H6FJL0DXic6_i-G0RMLAs8fB5OWZgTRpNKi9SbdA==>

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Copyright 1996-2020 Shared Results International. Published weekly. Distribution is limited by license. For information on how to include additional recipients, contact support at tech-talk.com<mailto:support at tech-talk.com> 941-355-2092.

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