[Boli_rules] BOLI Wage and Hour Division adopts Temporary Rule regarding Rest and Meal Periods for Substitute Teachers

Ohlemiller, Marcia L. marcia.l.ohlemiller at state.or.us
Thu Feb 22 11:54:18 PST 2018

On February 22, 2018, the BOLI Wage and Hour Division adopted a Temporary Rule, effective immediately, regarding Rest and Meal Periods for Substitute Teachers. Following and attached is additional information.
There is no comment period for a temporary rule.  However, if the agency chooses to make the temporary rule permanent, a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking would be issued to which comments would be accepted
If you have questions please contact BOLI Wage and Hour Administrator Gerhard Taeubel at the email address below.
Thank you.

FILING CAPTION: Substitute teachers to receive rest and meal periods in same manner as regular teachers. EFFECTIVE DATE: 02/22/2018 THROUGH 08/20/2018
CONTACT: Gerhard Taeubel                  800 NE Oregon St                                Filed By:
971-673-0837                                       Ste 1045                                             Gerhard Taeubel
gerhard.taeubel at state.or.us<mailto:gerhard.taeubel at state.or.us>                  Portland,OR 97232                              Rules Coordinator
Amendment of existing regulations is necessary to permit a public school district, education service district, or public charter school to provide rest and meal periods to substitute teachers in the same manner as rest and meal periods are provided to regular teachers.

From: Taeubel, Gerhard
Sent: Thursday, February 22, 2018 11:30 AM
To: Ohlemiller, Marcia L. <ohlemillerm at boli.state.or.us>
Subject: Temporary Rule

Hi Marcia,

Earlier this morning, WHD filed a temporary rule regarding rest and meal periods for substitute teachers (see attached).  It appears to me that, in reviewing the AG's law manual, we need to distribute the temporary rule notice to those who would otherwise receive a notice of a proposed rule.  Would you be able to do this?

Dylan will post the notice on BOLI's website.

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