[gis_info] Website reviewers needed for new community data site

New Urban Research nur at urban-research.info
Mon Jan 5 12:49:42 PST 2009

Hi Group,

I am trying to get a core group of reviewers together to review a new
website which will be launched at this year's ESRI Business Partner
conference in March.

The website is meant to provide current (2008) demographic data from the
block group level up to the national level. If your daily work requires you
to work with community data (population, race, income, etc.) and you are
interested in being a reviewer, please email me at
gclemmer at urban-research.info.

What does being a reviewer mean?

You basically just go through the site to download data for your community
and then fill out an online survey telling us about your experience. It
shouldn't take more then ten or twenty minutes.


Gina Clemmer
New Urban Research, Inc. 
877.241.6576 | www.urban-research.info

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