[gis_info] Open Source GIS meetings in Portland are starting again!

percy percyd at pdx.edu
Thu Jan 22 20:10:42 PST 2009

Sorry for the cross-postings!

We're just excited because, after a 2-year hiatus, we are starting up
the local Open Source GIS user group meetings again!

Local consulting group Opensourcery has agreed to let us use their
offices in NW Portland for the monthly meetings. They also host the
local Drupal users group...

The first meeting will take place on Wednesday Feb 18th at 6:30 pm. The
location is 1636 NW Lovejoy Street, Agenda TBA.

Subsequent meetings will take place on the Third Wednesday of the month.


We are trying to synchronize our activities with those of our colleagues
in Seattle, CUGOS (Cascadia Users of Geospatial Open Source), who meet
at this same time. We thought that we can IRC between the two meetings,
or perhaps even share video :-)

This will also create a larger community which will hopefully lead to a
regional conference on this topic in the future! This could include
Vancouver, BC.

You can find out more and sign up for announcements by joining the
google group pdx-osgis (http://groups.google.com/group/pdx-osgis), I
verified that I can change the name of the group after we have had the
all-important "what-to-call-ourselves" discussion!

If you can let us know via the google group mailing list whether you
plan on attending, it will help us coordinate the space with Opensourcery...

with co-founding members:
Sarah Beecroft, Tim Welch, Will Garrick and Morgan Harvey

David Percy
Geospatial Data Manager
Geology Department
Portland State University

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