[gis_info] Rivers GIS data question

Erik Fernandez ef at oregonwild.org
Mon Nov 2 14:34:35 PST 2009

I'm wondering if someone might be able to point me in the right direction
for a particular data set. I've used a bazillion different river/stream data
sets over the years, but haven't found the perfect one for our needs.  I'm
looking for something that is just a notch below the common layers out there
showing every stream and tributary. In other words, I'd like to see most
streams, but not every tiny tributary to it(too busy looking).  1:24k
accuracy and stream names in the attribute table would be a big plus.  From
what I've seen it's either data that shows every single stream and trib or
you only get the biggest rivers.  Hopefully I've just overlooked an obvious
source that someone could point out.

Thanks in advance for any tips,

Erik Fernandez
Wilderness Coordinator
Oregon Wild, formerly ONRC
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