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If you are interested in a statewide NHD datasets, they are at:

The Oregon file is named NHDOR.zip with a size of about 424 MB and was 
extracted on July 27, 2009.



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Thanks to all those who responded, very much appreciated.  Here's what I 
heard back from a handful of folks. 
Pretty much everyone pointed me toward the NHD website and data. While 
it's not a straight forward download (you need to select your area of 
interest/scope) it sounds like this will be the new standard and is the 
one being regularly updated and maintained.  

However, an easy work around was also suggested which is to just use 
definition query to only select named rivers... for example: 
"name" NOT LIKE ''    
note: last quotation is actually two apostrophes with no space in between. 
This creates a data set showing all named streams which functionally hides 
all small tributaries without having to use a 1:100k accuracy layer. 

If you want even more potential refinement it sounds like there are ways 
to generalize the NHD data using flowline thinning. 

Thanks again,

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