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New Urban Research nur at urban-research.info
Tue Nov 24 13:30:35 PST 2009

Hi Group,

We would like to interview people who have an interest in GIS, and possibly
some experience. Our hope is to make a few, short web videos answering the
question 'What is GIS?'. We may use some on our website as well as for
educational materials.

We're having a hard time finding interviewees-please help. You do NOT have
to be any sort of a GIS expert, or doing earth shattering things. We want
real people who are thinking about, or trying to use, or are actually using
GIS to solve problems...all sorts of problems.

Ok, hopefully I've appealed to your sense of curiosity and sharing your
knowledge with others, now for appealing to your greedy side. We can't do
much in terms of compensation but we are giving away $50 Starbucks gift
cards to anyone that gives us an interview.

We're trying to get this project finished before the end of the year, so if
you're interested let me know. The interviews will take 30 minutes tops.
We'll come to your workplace at any scheduled time you prefer. 

The main questions we'll ask you are:

   - What is GIS to you? 
   - What would you like to do with GIS? 
   - What problems are you having accomplishing that thing?
   - How do you hope using GIS can help you project?

Thank you for your time and consideration to help out.


Jason Graham
New Urban Research


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