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Just passing this along...


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 Hello Cy.  I thought you'd be a great person to check with on this.
I'm working on a project and am hiring right now for a GIS Wind Real
Estate Manager in the Chicago, IL area.  The company has asked me to
recruit for this position is one of the worlds largest wind developers
and has opened an office in Chicago.  They develop, manage and operate
wind farms in Hungry, Turkey, Bulgaria and now are establishing
themselves in the US.  They provide both onshore and offshore wind
development and to date have erected over 95 wind farms with 600+ wind
turbines.  This position is for someone that is looking to get into a
management role and for someone that sees the big picture of growth
opportunity in the future of renewable energies.


I wanted to share it with you because you have a background in GIS and
if you are not interested in it, maybe you might know of someone that is
and you could forward it on if you so wish.  This is such an awesome
opportunity for someone with the right background.  I hope you don't
mind my asking you about it or sharing it with you.


Pleas let me know your thoughts, I"I've attached the position.


My professional recruiting profile on LinkedIn:  

My company profile:  http://www.premierks.com/Manda.html


Thank you,




Manda Kokales 

Executive Recruiter - (Renewable Energies)

Premier Employment Solutions

Sioux Falls, SD



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