[gis_info] new Address Locator / Geocoding Service [GEO Web Services Update]

ENDRULAT Erik * CIO erik.endrulat at state.or.us
Wed Aug 1 13:48:21 PDT 2012

GEO has just published a new address locator web service<http://navigator.state.or.us/ArcGIS/rest/services/Utilities/gc_Composite_10/GeocodeServer> that will replace our existing<http://navigator.state.or.us/ArcGIS/rest/services/Utilities/gc_composite/GeocodeServer>, outdated service. The new service is a composite locator, and includes address point data that GEO has gathered from local jurisdictions, as well as the other locators listed in the table below. This service can be used for batch geocoding in ArcGIS Desktop or as a locator service within interactive web applications.

This composite geocode service is currently based on the following individual locators:

Source Data

Locator Type

Address Points

Address Point data for State of Oregon, DAS, 2012 (primarily 2011 data)

US Address-Single House

OrTrans Street Centerline

OR-Trans, ODOT, 2012

US Address - Dual Ranges


GNIS, USGS, 2012 (for place-name searches)

General - Gazetteer

Zip Codes

Zip Code Boundaries, Maponics, 2012 (converted to point dataset)

US Address - Zip 5-Digit

City Limits

City Limits, ODOT, 2012

General -Single Field

Links to the REST endpoints:

*         Composite Locator<http://navigator.state.or.us/ArcGIS/rest/services/Utilities/gc_Composite_10/GeocodeServer> (please provide feedback on this one)

*         Address Point Locator<http://navigator.state.or.us/ArcGIS/rest/services/Utilities/gc_MAF/GeocodeServer>

*         (Old) composite locator<http://navigator.state.or.us/ArcGIS/rest/services/Utilities/gc_composite/GeocodeServer> (based on tax lot centroids)

Instructions to add the address locator in ArcGIS desktop:
1.       Click the Tools menu, point to Geocoding, then click Address Locator Manager.
2.       Click Add on the Address Locator Manager dialog box.
3.       Click the Look in arrow, choose GIS Servers, click Add ArcGIS Server to highlight it, then click Add.
4.       In the Add ArcGIS Server wizard, choose Use GIS Services and click Next.
5.       Choose Internet and type the following server URL:  http://navigator.state.or.us/ArcGIS/services. Click Finish.
6.       Choose ArcGIS on navigator.state.or.us from the ArcGIS Server list and click Add.
7.       Select the Utilities folder and click Add.
8.       Select the locator you want to add (in this case, gc_Composite_10) and click Add.
9.       Click Close.

We will be discontinuing the old locator service by Sept. 1, please update your links if you're currently using that one. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about, or problems with this locator (contact details in signature line).


Erik Endrulat, GISP
GIS Analyst-Web Administrator
DAS EISPD Geospatial Enterprise Office
955 Center St. NE, rm 470
Salem, OR 97301 | 503-378-2781
Twitter: @OregonGEO
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