[gis_info] DOR and Cartography costs

Tycho Granville tychog at co.wasco.or.us
Wed Feb 29 12:06:19 PST 2012

Hi all -

As many of you know, DOR is bumping up the map maintenance cost from
$33/hour to $60/hour. I've been asked to find out if there is another
(lower?) standard fee out there.
So my question is really aimed at those Counties who are *not* on
DOR maintenance. Do you have a cost for creating and maintaining your own
taxlot maps? Do you charge yourself an hourly rate, bill it in to FTE time,
or what? Does anyone outsource the work?

We (Wasco) don't have the internal skill set, and probably not the volume
to hire a cartographer, so we're probably stuck with DOR. But it's
information we'd like to have.

Thanks, and I will SUM,


Tycho Granville
GIS Coordinator
Wasco County
tychog at co.wasco.or.us
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