[gis_info] Inappropriate email

John Schaeffer john at junipergis.com
Wed May 16 08:08:09 PDT 2012

I did think the emails Ian mentioned were a bit over the top, but would like
to see this list kept open for some advertising, but it should be brief and
to the point. When my company, Juniper GIS, offers classes, I think this is
useful information and a service to members, but I purposely keep it brief
with a link to more information, and rarely advertise the same offering
twice. And I think that the subject line should be very explicit about the
email, so people can easily decide when to use the Delete key.

John Schaeffer, GISP, CTT+, CTP

Juniper GIS

541-389-6225  cell: 541-390-4996

www.junipergis.com <http://www.junipergis.com/> 


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Hello list,


While I share Ian's concern that the listserve not become an advertising
channel for who-knows-what, the "purpose" statement does not specifically
preclude that usage. Perhaps we could underscore the "within the State of
Oregon" phrase, but that would effectively cut-off announcements about
activities in Washington that I find quite valuable. Here is the entire
purpose statement:


"The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for discussion about GIS and
spatial data related activities within the State of Oregon. Potential topics
include notices of current GIS activities, requests about the availability
of datasets, questions about technical problems with GIS systems or
software, requests for advice from those who have gone before you, and so


If we want to eliminate announcements about activities that are
extra-regional, perhaps some explicit guidance about that should be included
in the purpose description for the list. I have explicitly cc'd the list
administrators on this email.


Please feel free to discuss. I think this is an important change that should
not be undertaken based on one comment. I have made liberal use of the
"delete" key in the past related to this issue.  J


Ed Arabas, GISP

Senior Operations & Policy Analyst

State of Oregon Dept of Administrative Services

(503) 378-6111


Data Classification: Level 1 - Published


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Subject: [gis_info] Inappropriate email


I'm continually receiving emails from
"gis_info-bounces at listsmart.osl.state.or.us
<mailto:gis_info-bounces at listsmart.osl.state.or.us%20on%20behalf%20of%20Andr
ew%20Clark%20[aclark at com-geo.org]> on behalf of Andrew Clark
[aclark at com-geo.org]" .  This is advertising as far as I am concerned and
seems like an inappropriate use of the list.


What do you think?





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