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I agree Juston.  I like the image you attached.  Definitely more up to
date than the article I mentioned.  





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The URISA article was written in 2000. I look at a modern GIS shop in
two parts. Data / Map Production and Application Production /
Development with the GIS Manager in charge of both groups.  I would say
that the days of a GIS professional learning to develop are gone. It is
best to teach a computer scientist GIS rather than the other way around.


Just an opinion. 


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Hi Barb.


URISA has a document on their web site that I've found useful.  It is
Model Job Descriptions for GIS Professionals.  It provides good examples
of the primary GIS job categories and the duties related to such
positions.  Here's the link:  


I'm sure Esri has some documentation as well, but I can't put my finger
on it at the moment.


Good Luck.



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Hello All,


   Does anyone have a written description of categories of GIS users (in
this case  users of ESRI software)? I'm looking for something to include
in a document aimed at managers who are not necessarily very familiar
with the GIS. It might categorize on the basis of  technological
sophistication or area of expertise.





Geographer / GIS Coordinator & Analyst


NOAA Fisheries / NW Region

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