[gis_info] Query about custom printable maps

Tycho Granville tychog at co.wasco.or.us
Thu May 17 15:09:43 PDT 2012

Hi All –

We (Wasco County) are working on a project to make our web presence better.
 Right now the State hosts/maintains our interactive map site (thanks,
Erik!); we are looking to expand that with a self-hosted site and
additional hooks. We intend to use ArcGIS Server for the mapping (we’re
using IMS on an internal site now).

One of the ideas is to let the Public make custom maps at our web site with
the option of having them printed on our plotter. There would be a fee if
we did the printing. I recall seeing this done before (years ago), but
can’t find it on any County interactive mapping sites. If any of you have
done this, were there too many issues (I can think of a few) to continue
the service? Also, any idea on what the cost or timeline was to develop it?

Thanks, and will Sum,


Tycho Granville
GIS Coordinator
Wasco County
tychog at co.wasco.or.us
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