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Jayson stealthgis at live.com
Wed Oct 17 21:14:17 PDT 2012


Or should I say James Miller of Gladstone ?

Is this your Linked in Page ?


This is a Technical List Serve,
Not a blog or forum server to argue on,
I’ve gotten more emails recently on you, its considered spam for what this server is for.
Go argue on your facecrack page, or linkedin page, or what other server does blogs or Discussion Forums.....Why don’t you try ESRI’s Forums...
And leave the  State of Oregon List Serve to “Real” Professionals with Respect and conversations of value.

Stop wasting everyone’s time reading and going over your emails that shouldn’t be on this server in the first place and should be on a discussion forum or something.

If you want to get people involved, you can submit a SINGLE email with a LINK to your separate site where the issue is being discussed.
Those that are interested can go, those that are not, don’t have to.

But doing it here “Forces” people to get it, and now your considered spam. And loose any validity or reputation that you had being on here.

I, and I’m sure others on the list serve hope you stop, we can all make a phone call to the admin of the list serve. I hope we don’t have to, and that you have some decency and respect to the GIS people and the services of the state for this email list serve.

IT Support Tech.
GIS Analyst
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