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Subject: FW: Fall 2014 Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) Update
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It's time for the semi-annual solicitation of proposed updates to the Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD; sometimes referred to as hydrologic units (HU)).  If you have any proposed updates, corrections, etc., please follow the directions below and copy me in your email.


Robert Harmon, GISP
GIS Coordinator | Oregon Water Resources Dept.
725 Summer St. NE, Suite A | Salem, OR  97301-1266
503.986.0866 | robert.c.harmon at wrd.state.or.us<mailto:robert.c.harmon at wrd.state.or.us> | http://www.wrd.state.or.us<http://www.wrd.state.or.us/>

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Subject: Fall 2014 Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) Update
Importance: High

To:   WBD stewardship and user community of Oregon and Washington

Subject:   Fall 2014 Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) Update

This email is a solicitation for proposed edits to the Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD) of Oregon and Washington.  It's an opportunity for you to identify errors that have been discovered through your use of the dataset, and have these errors corrected to improve the WBD.

Each year, a fall and spring solicitation will be sent out to collect update proposals.   These proposed edits will be collected and processed through the PNWHF NHD/WBD stewardship process.   This email initiates the process for the Fall 2014 update.

Scope of update:   The PNWHF website (http://www.pnwhf.org/water-bound-dataset.aspx) provides useful background information for the WBD in Oregon and Washington.   The intent of this current update is to address "significant" errors that have been identified since the WBD was last updated.   The significance of a change is difficult to quantify but the following criteria may be used to determine whether a proposed change should be submitted as part of this current stewardship activity.

1.   Locations where the WBD boundaries have been incorrectly mapped (eg. incorrect ridge top was chosen, NHD drainage incorrectly excluded from HU, etc).   Small deviations from the ridge top should not be returned as part of this solicitation.
2.   Changes at outflow locations where an NHD update has caused the need for a WBD edit.
3.   Areas where the NHD has been remapped based on LiDAR data sources.
4.   Proposed WBD name changes.

Process:  The following process and timeline will be followed for this submittal and review of proposed edits.

October 1, 2014                                                            Solicitation sent to WBD community
October 31, 2014                                                         Proposed edits submitted for review
November 1, 2014 - November 30, 2014           Stewardship review and acceptance
December 12, 2014                                                     Accepted edits submitted to national repository
January 30 , 2014                                                          Updated WBD available to PNWHF partners

Submittal:   BLM Oregon will collect the update proposals.   All should be sent via email to Bryant Mecklem (bmecklem at blm.gov<mailto:bmecklem at blm.gov>) at BLM.   The following list of PNWHF stewards should be cc'd on each submittal:   Ian Reid (ian.reid at or.usda.gov<mailto:ian.reid at or.usda.gov>), Dave Brower (dave.brower at wa.usda.gov<mailto:dave.brower at wa.usda.gov>), Janet Bretz (jbretz at fs.fed.us<mailto:jbretz at fs.fed.us>), Anita Stohr (asto461 at ECY.WA.GOV<mailto:asto461 at ECY.WA.GOV>), and Bob Harmon (Robert.C.HARMON at state.or.us<mailto:Robert.C.HARMON at state.or.us>).

Any questions pertaining to the WBD or to this solicitation can be directed to the individuals listed above.   The following information should be provided with the submittal email:

Submitter's Name:
Submitter's Organization:
Brief narrative description of proposed change.
Description of reference data sources that support change.  These data may be requested from the submitter to support the stewardship review.
Graphic file (shapefile or gdb preferable) describing the proposed change:   An anonymous ftp location will be provided upon request for upload of data.  Please contact Bryant for this information.  (bmecklem at blm.gov<mailto:bmecklem at blm.gov>).

Submitted on behalf of the Pacific Northwest Hydrography Framework group by:

Dave Brower, USDA-NRCS, WBD Steward, Washington

Dave.Brower at wa.usda.gov<mailto:Dave.Brower at wa.usda.gov>


Ian Reid, USDA-NRCS, WBD Steward, Oregon

ian.reid at or.usda.gov<mailto:ian.reid at or.usda.gov>


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