[gis_info] ASPRS\CaGIS\GLIS FREE ONLINE SEMINAR November 7 – 12:00 pm ET -- Planetary-Scale Geospatial Analysis with Google Earth Engine

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*Title:* Planetary-Scale Geospatial Analysis with Google Earth Engine

*Presenter: *David Thau PhD

*Date:* November 7



Performing analyses on Earth observation data at large scales can be a time
consuming and lonely task. Performing a satellite-based global analysis of
deforestation, for example, requires downloading all the necessary
satellite data, preprocessing it to suit a given algorithm or workflow, and
then running the analysis on a desktop computer, or a cluster of CPUs.
Depending on the scale of the data, the complexity of the workflow, and the
capacity of the available hardware, each of these steps could take days,
weeks, or years. Google Earth Engine greatly simplifies and expedites the
process of analyzing Earth observation data. The platform provides a vast
catalog of data, APIs for developing algorithms that can be run across the
Google cloud, and tools for visualizing and interacting with data products
via Web interfaces. This talk will introduce Earth Engine, describe how it
works, and provide examples of how it is currently being applied to perform
planetary-scale geospatial analysis.

*Presenter:* David Thau, PhD
Dave Thau helps scientists, NGOs, and other partners build software and
algorithms that run on Google Earth Engine, Google's geo analysis platform.
Prior to joining Google, Dave worked for many years helping ecologists and
biodiversity researchers integrate their systems into distributed
collaborative networks. Dave holds degrees from the University of
California, Los Angeles, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and a
doctorate in computer science from the University of California, Davis.
David Alvarez


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