[gis_info] Summary of changes in draft Oregon Metadata Standard amendment

DENOUDEN Bob * DAS Bob.DENOUDEN at oregon.gov
Wed Mar 11 15:45:13 PDT 2015

A number of people have requested a summary describing the changes proposed in the Oregon metadata standard amendment:

Summary of proposed Metadata Standard changes from existing standard:

Document format revised to match current standards Text cleaned up to remove language related to original standard's review and adoption process.

References to ISO 191** added to document, though we will stay with FGDC CSDGM for the time being.

Some information added to cover metadata for web services

Additional Mandatory (M) Items added to the standard include:

            1.9 Point of Contact (Contact Information compound element for individual or organization knowledgeable of data)

            2.3 Completeness Report

   Horizontal Positional Accuracy Report

   Lineage Source Information Citation (if additional source data integrated into dataset)

            Section 4: Spatial reference Information, Horizontal Coordinate System definition

            Section 5 Entity and Attribute Information

            6.1 Distributor Source Information (Contact Information compound element for party from which the data may be obtained)

Additional Mandatory If Applicable (A) Items added to the standard include:

            1.2.3 Supplemental Information for Description

            1.3.1 Currentness reference (changed from Mandatory in original standard)

            1.6.2 Place Keyword

            1.6.3 Stratum Keyword

            1.6.4 Temporal Keyword

   Quantitative Horizontal Positional Accuracy Assessment

   Quantitative Vertical Positional Accuracy Assessment

   Time Period of Content for integrated source data

   Source Contribution

            4.1.1 Horizontal Coordinate System Definition - Geographic

            4.2.1 Altitude System Definition

            4.2.2 Depth System Definition

   Attribute Definition Source

            5.2.2 Entity and Attribute Detail Citation

            6.4.3 Distributor Fees

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