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Daniel Stoelb daniel.stoelb at oem.state.or.us
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Data from the Oregon SAR database is now available to view online.  The following link takes you to our Map Report for SAR activity.  This utilizes the operations dashboard for ArcGIS to paint a picture on historic information about Oregon's Search and Rescue statistics as reported from county jurisdictions.  Check it out at the link below:


This opens into two panels.  The right panel shows a point for every mission where latitude and longitude were provided.  You can drag the map and zoom in.  If you click on any point, a popup opens loaded with some of the data from the database.  By convention, a "0" means "no" and a "-1" means "yes."  The bottom of the popup shows the number of people inside the point, which you can scroll through.  The left panel shows a bar chart of the condition in which all the SAR subjects in the database were found.

At the bottom of the left panel are 1 blue and 2 grey rectangles.  These are pages.  Clicking on the middle grey rectangle (page 2) shows three more charts.  Clicking on the third page shows a number of mission types and activities.  Clicking on any one of these shows you the number of subject involved in that activity and highlights them on the map.  The lower left panel is a pie chart showing the number of people and percentages of the subjects' status for that activity.

Want to learn more about search and rescue?  Check out our OEM search and rescue website: http://www.oregon.gov/OMD/OEM/Pages/tech_resp/sar.aspx.

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