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Hi all,
See below for a cool opportunity to work on Midway Atoll National Wildlife

*Restoration Monitoring Data and Information Specialist*

The National Wildlife Refuge Association, in partnership with Midway Atoll
National Wildlife Refuge and the USFWS Pacific Region Inventory and
Monitoring Program, seeks an individual with strong restoration ecology,
database development, and ecological monitoring design skills for an
18-month period to help Refuge staff meet scientific information needs
associated with expanding habitat restoration and weed control programming.
The selected individual will be an employee of the National Wildlife Refuge
Association and will work closely with Refuge staff and volunteers to
develop robust data collection procedures, design databases, and data
management systems for currently implemented weed control, native plant
propagation and habitat restoration activities.

The primary goal of this position is to set-up a robust habitat restoration
monitoring system that can be utilized and maintained by USFWS staff to
holistically evaluate the success of restoration efforts, encompassing and
integrating complex and large-scale weed control and native plant
propagation programs.

   - Applies knowledge of relational databases and database design to
   design and develop data management, visualization, and analysis
   applications. The design and development of these customized applications
   will be tailored to allow end users (Refuge staff and volunteers) to access
   and manipulate survey information that would minimize user training.
   - Applies statistical concepts, advanced GIS skills, and other
   innovative techniques to track all aspects of plant propagation
   performance, herbicide efficacy, outplanting success, and large-scale
   achievement of habitat rehabilitation and restoration objectives. Work
   closely with Refuge staff in the field and office to ensure that products
   are user-friendly and sustainable for long-term implementation.
   - Work closely with Refuge staff to develop robust field and greenhouse
   data collection procedures and ensure that data is collected and managed in
   a way that facilitates analysis and development of propagation and
   outplanting SOPs. Work with Refuge staff and Honolulu-based Inventory and
   Monitoring Biologists to ensure designs meet project objectives and are
   statistically valid.
   - Performs as a lead analyst in researching and adapting new techniques
   for complex data management, GIS, and data visualization. Subject area
   expert defining database structures, processing algorithms, version control
   and other transactions, interfaces to external databases, functionality and
   product design. Minimum Qualifications · Knowledge of advanced biometric
   principles and statistical methods to design scientifically sound
   ecological monitoring frameworks and interpret results.
   - Ability to identify and use statistical methods to analyze complex
   data sets including but not limited to Excel, MS Access, ArcGIS, R, and SAS.
   - Knowledge of principles and practices of biology (i.e. ecological
   principles; ecosystems, plant, wildlife and fish population dynamics, and
   surveys for natural resource management) used to identify critical data
   needs to support surveys for resource conservation and management. · Broad
   knowledge of advanced literature and theory in the fields of biometrics,
   statistics, restoration ecology, ornithology, and resource management,
   especially as it pertains to refuges.
   - Extensive knowledge of database management concepts, principles, and
   methods including database logical and physical design sufficient to
   design, develop, and maintain data management systems that meet current and
   future monitoring program policy requirements for natural resource
   - Ability to comprehend and evaluate developments in data management,
   spatial data collection and analysis, and related fields and apply them to
   refuge-based projects.
   - Skills and experience using Trimble GPS units or similar mapping grade
   GPS units and ability to train others. · In good health with no physical or
   mental conditions that require regular access to medical facilities.
   Moderate to good physical fitness in order to access off-road field sites
   situated in sandy, rugged terrain.

Schedule and Application Process

Application deadline: December 11, 2015

Interviews: December 17-22, 2015

Selection made: by January 15, 2016

Project underway at Midway Atoll: April 12, 2016-September 2017

To receive a copy of the work plan or to ask project and location-specific
questions, please contact Meg Duhr-Schultz.
For salary and benefits questions, please contact Anne Truslow.

meg_duhrschultz at fws.gov Direct: 808-954-4819

atruslow at refugeassociation.org

To apply, please send a cover letter, resume/CV, and list of at least 3
professional references to both Anne Truslow and Meg Duhr-Schultz by
December 11. Please submit application packages as a single .pdf file with
your last name in the title of the document.

Khemarith So
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
911 NE 11th Ave
Portland, OR 97232
e-mail: khem_so at fws.gov
phone: (503) 231-6839
mobile: (541) 961-5698
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