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Oregon GIS Framework Newsletter   [cid:image003.jpg at 01D0FA9C.621F3940]

September, 2015

Issue Number 6

In This Issue

*    Featured Framework Data Element: Oregon Flood Hazard Database

*    Recent FIT Activities

*    Upcoming FIT meetings

*    Recently published data on OSDL

*    A Word from the Framework Coordinator

Welcome to the Fall 2015 issue of the Oregon GIS Framework Newsletter. This quarterly newsletter presents a summary of GIS Framework related activities over the past spring as well as a schedule of upcoming events.

Featured Framework Data Element: Flood Hazard Database

[cid:image005.jpg at 01D0FA9C.621F3940]

DOGAMI, working in conjunction with DLCD and funded partially through the 2013-15 Framework Data Development grant program, recently completed the 2015 Oregon Statewide Flood Hazard Database.  These datasets are currently available from the Oregon Spatial Data Library within the Hazards framework theme.  This data compilation consists of three separate geodatabases; FEMA Flood Insurance Studies, Observed Inundation, and Other Flood studies.  The FEMA Flood Insurance Studies dataset is the primary component of the database.  This feature dataset contains the following feature classes: 1. FEMA Flood Insurance Study base flood elevation (BFE) lines 2. FEMA Flood Insurance Study inundation zones 3. FEMA Letter of Map Change (LOMC) Locations 4. FEMA Flood Insurance Study profile baselines 5. FEMA Flood Insurance Study cross section (XS) lines.  See data description<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/search/resource/details.page?uuid=%7bF2CC36DE-1F0A-42D2-9B8D-FDD71721A7D3%7d> on OSDL for more details.

Contact Us

Geospatial Enterprise Office web:


Framework Coordinator:

bob.denouden at oregon.gov<file:///C:\local_files\work\FIT\newsletters\bob.denouden@oregon.gov>

A Summary of Framework Activity this Summer
This past summer was largely taken up by activities related to Framework Data Development funded projects kick-off.  Interagency agreements have been written and executed.  Work has begun for most of the funded projects, though a few remain to be finalized.  The Oregon Spatial Data Library redesign and Metadata customizations for Oregon projects were both kicked off in Corvallis this month.  The FIT Leads also met as a group on August 29th to work on framework data element reprioritization.
Other framework activities included the following FIT team meetings:
Imagery FIT met on July 15.  Meeting notes are available here<http://www.oregon.gov/DAS/CIO/GEO/fit/orthoimagery/docs/ImageryFIT20150715minutes.pdf>.
Preparedness FIT met on September 15
Upcoming FIT Meetings:
Framework Forum on December 14th in Portland at the Metro Council Chambers!  The agenda is still in the works.  Save the date and plan on meeting up in Portland for the Winter Framework Forum.
Framework Data Recently Added or Updated on OSDL<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/main/home.page>:
Oregon School Locations and Education Boundaries - 2015<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/search/resource/details.page?uuid=%7B31747586-6597-424A-BBD4-E9D1D3ED482F%7D>
Oregon Statewide Flood Hazard Database - FEMA Flood Insurance Studies - 2015<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/search/resource/details.page?uuid=%7BF2CC36DE-1F0A-42D2-9B8D-FDD71721A7D3%7D>
Oregon Statewide Flood Hazard Database - Observed Inundation - 2015<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/search/resource/details.page?uuid=%7B12E0DFA1-5503-495A-9B4C-F01BF36CF717%7D>
Oregon Statewide Flood Hazard Database - Other Flood Studies - 2015<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/search/resource/details.page?uuid=%7B584A7D2D-F65D-4751-979B-23B746D92024%7D>
Oregon Geologic Data Compilation - 2015<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/search/resource/details.page?uuid=%7BE71E1897-F586-4B68-9A3A-4A131287A309%7D>
Oregon Land Management - 2015<http://spatialdata.oregonexplorer.info/geoportal/catalog/search/resource/details.page?uuid=%7b9B644E0F-7A7D-4124-A50F-6B35C05626AE%7d>
A Word from the Framework Coordinator:
This will be my last Oregon Framework Newsletter. I will be leaving the Geospatial Enterprise Office in October to pursue my dream of moving to Bend (it turns out that a lot of people share this same dream, based on how fast Bend is growing and how many people have responded to my announcement with envy).  I'll be returning to my roots as a GIS Analyst supporting long range planning and am excited to be getting back to a position where I will be more directly involved in the application of geospatial tools and technologies.  That said, I will surely miss all of the great people I have worked with over the past two+ years as Oregon's Framework Coordinator.  Framework is unique to Oregon and it has been a great pleasure to put a little bit of my own stamp on this long-term effort to bring GIS people together across the state and at all levels of organizations in order to build and share the critical data that make geospatial technology work.  It is easy, in this day and age, to assume that the problems of accessing needed data have been solved.  Spatial data is everywhere now, but that has created new problems that the collaboration and curation provided by Oregon Framework is designed to solve.  I plan to remain involved in Framework as a local government GIS staff member at the City of Bend and will see you down the road at a Framework event near you!

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