[gis_info] GIS Classes in Seattle this February - Programming ArcGIS with Python and ArcGIS Server JavaScript

Eric Pimpler eric at geospatialtraining.com
Mon Nov 14 08:05:02 PST 2016

Hi Everyone,

Geospatial Training Services (http://geospatialtraining.com) will be
teaching three classes at the King County GIS Center this coming February.
Register now to take advantage of our early registration pricing.

   - Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop - Introduction
   13th and 14th)
   - Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop - Intermediate
   - Beginning ArcGIS Server Development with the JavaScript API v 4.0
   16th and 17th)

*Course Modules for Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop - Introduction*
Module 1: Introduction to Arcpy, ArcPy Mapping, and ArcPy Data Access
Module 2: Managing Map Documents and Layers
Module 3: Finding and Fixing Broken Data Links
Module 4: Automating Map Production and Printing
Module 5: Executing Geoprocessing Tools from Scripts
Module 6: Creating Custom Geoprocessing Tools
Module 7: Querying and Selecting Data

*Course Modules for Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop - Intermediate*
Module 1: Using the Arcpy Data Access Module with Feature Classes and Tables
Module 2: Listing and Describing GIS Data
Module 3: Customizing the ArcGIS Desktop Interface with AddIns
Module 4: Error Handling and Trouble Shooting
Module 5: Using the ArcGIS REST API with Python to Access ArcGIS Server and
ArcGIS Online
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