[gis_info] Hosting outside data

Tycho Granville tychog at co.wasco.or.us
Fri Sep 23 09:04:55 PDT 2016

Hi all,

We have received a request from another agency to host some of their data
on our public facing web map. The data is a small point file of (most
likely) static data that we would manage in-house. Has anyone else done
this and if so have you run into any problems/pitfalls? Do you charge for
the service and if so how much?

I’m trying to figure out a policy for this (or maybe it should be a flat
no). While I would personally like to host their data I do not want to be
overwhelmed with other requests (not likely, but I'm the only one who
maintains the site), and the Commissioners will want to know what the costs
are/how to pay for it.


Tycho Granville, GISP | *GIS Coordinator*

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