[gis_info] Programming ArcGIS with Python Class in Seattle this February

Eric Pimpler eric at geospatialtraining.com
Tue Jan 3 07:50:37 PST 2017

Hi Everyone,

Geospatial Training Services (http://geospatialtraining.com) will be
teaching classes at the King County GIS Center this coming February.
Register now to take advantage of our early registration pricing.  Early
registration ends January 15th for these classes.

   - Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop - Introduction
   13th and 14th)
   - Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop - Intermediate
   - *Getting Started with the ArcGIS Server API for JavaScript
   3rd and 4th)
   - Beginning ArcGIS Server Development with the JavaScript API v4.x
   - Building ArcGIS Server Applications with Web AppBuilder
   - Telling Your Story with StoryMaps

*Course Modules for Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop - Introduction*
Module 1: Introduction to Arcpy, ArcPy Mapping, and ArcPy Data Access
Module 2: Managing Map Documents and Layers
Module 3: Finding and Fixing Broken Data Links
Module 4: Automating Map Production and Printing
Module 5: Executing Geoprocessing Tools from Scripts
Module 6: Creating Custom Geoprocessing Tools
Module 7: Querying and Selecting Data

*Course Modules for Programming ArcGIS with Python Workshop - Intermediate*
Module 1: Using the Arcpy Data Access Module with Feature Classes and Tables
Module 2: Listing and Describing GIS Data
Module 3: Customizing the ArcGIS Desktop Interface with AddIns
Module 4: Error Handling and Trouble Shooting
Module 5: Using the ArcGIS REST API with Python to Access ArcGIS Server and
ArcGIS Online

*Course Modules for Getting Started with the ArcGIS Server API for
Module 1: Introduction to ArcGIS Server for Developers
Module 2: Creating a Map and Adding Layers
Module 3: Graphics and the Graphics Layer
Module 4: The Feature Layer
Module 5: Feature and Graphic Rendering
Module 6: Working with Toolbars
Module 7: Adding Widgets
Module 8: Integration with ArcGIS Online
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