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Governor's Geospatial Challenge: Meeting 9/21/17





Governor Kitzhaber’s Challenge to the Geospatial Community
9/21 Meeting Update: Webinar option

We invite you to participate in this meeting in person, in the Metro Council Chamber, or online, as a webinar. Please see directions below.

At the GIS in Action conference a few months ago, Governor Kitzhaber issued a challenge to the geospatial community.  The Governor’s Challenge was to use geospatial data and technology to improve support services for early childhood trauma, which has a profound and life-long impact on people’s health. The geospatial community can help the providers and funders of child welfare and education programs solve problems and provide services more effectively.  Much of the data needed to do this is geospatial data.

The leadership of Oregon URISA has been discussing how to address this Challenge in a way that will take full advantage of the great resources and ideas in the geospatial community.  In a working session at GIS in Action, following the Governor’s keynote presentation, a small group of interested individuals discussed the need for more folks to get involved.

The Oregon URISA Board will host a meeting, details and agenda below, to determine ways to address the Governor’s Challenge. Governor Kitzhaber will join us for this discussion and problem solving if his schedule permits.

If you are interested in supporting or assisting with this project, please join us at the kickoff meeting.


Thursday, September 21, 2017 – 10am-Noon


Metro Council Chamber – 600 NE Grand Ave., Portland, OR 97232


We recommend you log in to view the visual portion of the meeting by computer and call in to listen and talk by phone for best audio results.

  *   To view the visual portion of the meeting, go to www.webex.com<http://www.orurisa.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=r0js%2fsbWisNtd%2fBWVHFOEMm1TNHVNWj%2fzm23W40qEsgPKvReiDgpaqyRF3yW%2b0rvK9FFDrGSgKVKut0CYTPd8FcI2K5JQIclK4S%2fXh3Fa%2bI%3d>.
Note: You may need to install a simple .exe file to run WebEx. Please verify that you have the appropriate software before the meeting. Click here<http://www.orurisa.org/EmailTracker/LinkTracker.ashx?linkAndRecipientCode=cn8JgcrAwussWKYyLW9x9EhkbfpSn0Mwvp3zkK5clISCIOUxbVlA7K4tJRZxxFLH2AevV%2fpdwyXrhcC2zB3qFxhQnZ6X1ci8HPA4BCdzyLM%3d> to view the WebEx Meetings FAQ.
  *   Click “join” at the top menu bar. A new box will open.
  *   Enter the meeting number:  195 070 341, along with your name and email address, then click “join” to enter the meeting
  *   To access the audio portion of the meeting, dial 1-415-655-0001.
  *   Enter the access code when prompted:  195 070 341.


Defining the Challenge

  *   What’s the problem?
  *   What solutions can geospatial technology provide?
  *   What data is needed/available?

Next Steps

  *   Action items
  *   Assignments
  *   Timeline
  *   Resources

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