[gis_info] What Can Spatial Analytics Tell Us About 30 Years of Large Wildfires in the Pacific Northwest?

Eric Pimpler eric at geospatialtraining.com
Wed Sep 27 12:42:57 PDT 2017

Studies suggest that over the past few decades, the number and size of
wildfires have increased throughout the western United States.  The average
length of wildfire season has increased significantly as well.  According
to the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS), every state in the western US
has experienced an increase in the average annual number of large wildfires
(greater than 1,000 acres) over the past few decades.  The Pacific
Northwest, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and the western half of
Montana have had a particularly challenging 2017 wildfire season.

Geospatial Training Services used spatial statistics tools in ArcGIS Pro
and ArcGIS Desktop to analyze a database of large wildfire activity in the
Pacific Northwest from 1984-2015.  Using these tools we assessed hot and
cold spot locations associated with large wildfires as well as the temporal
trends in wildfire activity during this time period.

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