[gis_info] Updates to Oregon's imagery services

CALLAHAN Brady * OPRD Brady.Callahan at oregon.gov
Wed Oct 17 12:33:41 PDT 2018

The Oregon Statewide Imagery Program (OSIP) is pleased to provide this advance notice of upcoming changes to Oregon's imagery Web services!

The planned Go Live date is October 31st.

Please review the following information and plan accordingly, especially if your web applications or workflows include web services from

We will be adding:

-OSIP's 2017 1ft eastern Oregon imagery
-Statewide NAIP imagery from 2012, 2014, 2016

We will be removing:

-Dedicated Near Infrared (IR) services, but including the IR band in all dynamic services when available
-All Lidar derived services, but access is available through DOGAMI https://gis.dogami.oregon.gov/maps/lidarviewer/

For a detailed discussion of what web services have been added and removed, including changes to the Oregon Imagery Explorer, please review this document:

For information about the Statewide Imagery Program visit: https://www.oregon.gov/geo/Pages/imagery.aspx

For information on the various vintages of imagery available visit: https://www.oregon.gov/geo/Pages/imagery_data.aspx

Brady Callahan
Oregon Imagery FIT Lead

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