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Greetings, GIS users,

Registration is now open for the 2nd LiDAR Symposium. Use this link to register:


South Slough Visitor Center - Friday, Sept. 27, 2019
What Can LiDAR Do For You?  Increase your awareness of the multiple applications that a single LiDAR data set can yield. Melissa Christie, Quantum Spatial, Reno, Nevada
Capturing Topo-bathymetric LiDAR to Understand Eelgrass Decline in Morro Bay National Estuary, California Demonstrates the use of topo-bathymetric LiDAR to create a digital elevation model in a coastal bay. Cassie Meigs, Quantum Spatial, Corvallis, Oregon
Study of the Hooskanaden Slide Using LiDAR Technology  Highway engineers used terrestrial, mobile, and aerial LiDAR from drones to redesign a stretch of Oregon's scenic coastal highway between Brookings and Gold Beach  following a massive slide. Audrey McHugh-Britton, Oregon Department of Transportation, Salem, Oregon.
Inland Riverine Topo-Bathymetric LiDAR Surveys  The latest advances, a historical perspective, and an overview of a project to monitor the replenishment of the Elwha River estuary and the coastline using LiDAR. Carol Lockhart, Woolpert, Inc., Hillsboro, Oregon
Monitoring Fish Habitat in Large Streams Using LiDAR and Boat-mounted Sonar  Oregon biologists are combining LiDAR with sonar in large rivers to monitor habitat. Morgan Davies, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, Corvallis, Oregon
Enhancing Classified LiDAR LAS Files Using ArcGIS Tools - motivations and resultant products  When LiDAR isn't working for you, look for a work-around that can make it better. Kevin Ramey, Oregon Department of Transportation, Portland, Oregon
Unexpected Uses of LiDAR in Transportation  In collecting biennial LiDAR images of state highways, Oregon's Department of Transportation finds the data often proves useful for more projects than originally intended. Rhonda K. Dodge, Oregon Department of Transportation, Salem, Oregon
Mobile LiDAR Program at ODOT  Explore the challenges and benefits of collecting mobile LiDAR data along Oregon's highways.
LiDAR Products and Services Available From NOAA's Digital Coast  The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Digital Coast website provides downloadable LiDAR data, an online LiDAR Data Viewer and related training to help communities address coastal issues.  Matt Pendleton, NOAA Office For Coastal Management, Charleston, South Carolina
Use of PhoDAR collected via UAS/Drone to assess canopy cover in timber harvest units  The Bureau of Land Management is using drones to collect aerial imagery and measure forest canopy cover quickly and accurately. John Guetterman, BLM Medford District, Medford, Oregon.

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