[gis_info] Update on the list of 2, 200+ ArcGIS server addresses I am curating

Joseph Elfelt jelfelt at mappingsupport.com
Mon Dec 2 08:55:26 PST 2019

Hello List,

I recently finished adding a big bunch of USA-based government ArcGIS 
server addresses to the list I curate.  There are now 2,200+ addresses 
for ArcGIS servers from the federal level down to the city level.  Most 
of the recent updates were for counties and cities.  All links are 
tested by my code once/week and bad links are fixed or flagged.  An 
updated list is usually posted every Wednesday morning.

Open the list (PDF file):

And in doing that work I realized there are several ways that anyone can 
help improve this list.  Of course if you know of any additional ArcGIS 
server addresses (*not portals!*) then I would enjoy adding those to the 
list.  But here are a few less obvious ways that anyone can help.

*1.  County *or* city*

It is certainly possible that I mistakenly listed a server address that 
mainly has county data under the ‘City’ heading for that state - or vice 
versa.  If you happen to spot such a mistake, please let me know.  My 
contact link is in the list.

*2. County *and* city*

Some counties and cities have pooled their resources and one or the 
other will operate a GIS server with data for both jurisdictions.  When 
that happens I would like to include a note in the list linking those 
jurisdictions.  To clarify, I would like to identify servers with a 
significant (i.e. more than just a few layers) amount of data for more 
than one jurisdiction.

*3. USA Miscellaneous Servers*

On p.6 of the list is a section titled “USA Miscellaneous Servers”.  If 
you happen to know that any of those servers is hosting data that is 
primarily for *one* state or county or city, then please let me know and 
I will move that listing to a more useful location.

Finally, I am continuing to work on the *beta version of GISsurfer 
v2.0*. The goal of this beta version is to let anyone surf ArcGIS data 
almost as easily as you surf the internet.  No GIS savvy required!  For 
the curious among you the following link is for a page with brief 
instructions and a link to the beta code.  A new feature in the beta 
version is the ability to make a link that (1) starts GISsurfer and (2) 
automatically opens the sidebar and displays the table of contents for 
an ArcGIS server.

GISsurfer v2.0 beta info and link:

Joseph Elfelt
Redmond, WA
Twitter: @mappingsupport <https://twitter.com/MappingSupport>
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