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ArcGIS Pro introduced the usage of project files, which allow you  to
assemble all the resources required to complete a project in one place. A
project, stored in a file with an extension of .aprx,  can contain maps,
layouts, tasks, and connections to servers, databases, toolboxes, folders,
styles, and other items. It can also incorporate content from your
organization’s portal or ArcGIS Online.   The use of a project file is
currently required anytime you use ArcGIS Pro.

Projects commonly include connections to the same geodatabases, folders,
and servers.  One approach to adding these connection would be to manually
add them to every project you create, but a better solution would be to
have these common connections automatically defined for every project.
This can be accomplished through the use of Project Favorites.

Project favorites is a collection of frequently-used folder, database, and
server connections. You can add a favorite item to specific projects as
needed. Some organizational resources such as an enterprise geodatabase or
GIS server may be used by all projects; these favorite items can be added
automatically to every project you create.

In the steps below you will learn how to favorite items.

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