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Symposium By the Sea

Friday, Sept. 27, 2019 - South Slough Visitors Center, Charleston, Oregon

2nd LiDAR* Symposium** - Call for presentations

LiDAR, with its ability to see through foliage to reveal the ground beneath the forest, makes airborne laser scanning an indispensable tool for mapping. While airborne laser scanning is probably the most familiar use of LiDAR, new applications are emerging to provide more ways to map the land and its features. Working with LiDAR requires a team approach. As members of a LiDAR project team GIS professionals may take leading roles in project design, management, data collection and mapmaking.

We invite your submission for a 20-30 minute presentation about your experiences with LiDAR that aligns with one or more of the following themes:

1. Airborne laser scanning - Stories from the field about innovative uses or novel applications of airborne LiDAR to map or monitor land use, natural resources, infrastructure, cultural features, etc.

2. New LiDAR products and services - Public or private developers showcase new LiDAR products or services.

3. LiDAR and drones - Are you using a drone to collect LiDAR data? Unmanned aircraft systems with LiDAR imaging capability are redefining the limits of remote sensing.

4. Workflows, apps, and data management - Tools, apps, software, strategies, work-arounds, best practices for acquiring or working with LiDAR data.

5. Emerging LiDAR technologies - Applications of new LiDAR products and capabilities.

E.g., terrestrial LiDAR (enables three-dimensional on-the-ground imaging); topo-bathymetric LiDAR (provides more precise mapping of shallow-water shorelines); single-photon and Geiger mode LiDAR (both promise increased coverage and detail from high-altitude airborne LiDAR); multispectral LiDAR (data is collected at many wavelengths to provide greater detail about features such as grass, trees, buildings and roads) or other innovations.

The themes are offered broadly as guidance, not limitations, for potential presentations.

To submit a proposal send an abstract (about 200 words) by email to john.bragg at state.or.us. Include "LiDAR Symposium" in the subject line. Authors may submit more than one proposal. Each proposal should be submitted separately and include:

1. Presentation title.

2. Author's first and last name, organization, county, ZIP code, and email address.

3. Theme(s) your presentation will address.

4. A short professional CV.

Proposals must be received by 5 pm, August 12, 2019.

Questions? Call John Bragg, 541-888-5558, ext. 129, or email john.bragg at state.or.us

Symposium By the Sea is sponsored by the South Coast GIS Users Group and the South Slough National Estuarine Research Reserve.

* LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging.

** The first LiDAR symposium was sponsored by the Central Coast GIS Users Group in 2011 in Newport.

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