[gis_info] Exploring and Visualizing US Census Data with R

Eric Pimpler eric at geospatialtraining.com
Mon Oct 28 07:54:30 PDT 2019

In my new book you will learn how to use R with the tidycensus and
tidyverse packages to explore and visualize US Census data.  You can
download this book for free using the link at the end of this email.

tidycensus is an R package that allows users to interface with the US
Census Bureau’s decennial Census and five-year American Community APIs and
return tidyverse-ready data frames, optionally with simple feature geometry
included. tidycensus is designed to help R users get Census data that is
pre-prepared for exploration within the tidyverse, and optionally spatially
with the sf package.

If your work involves the use of data from the US Census Bureau and would
like to use R to explore, manipulate, and visualize these datasets, the
tidycensus and tidyverse packages are great tools for accomplishing these
tasks. Beyond this, the sf package now allows R users to work with spatial
data in an integrated way with tidyverse tools, and updates to the tigris
package provide access to Census boundary data as sf objects.

This book will also allow the student to learn, in detail, the fundamentals
of the R language and additionally master some of the most efficient
libraries for data visualization in chart, graph, and map formats. The
student will learn the language and applications through examples and
practice.  No prior programming skills are required.

Sign up at the link below to receive the digital book in your email box.


We're also releasing a new class under the same title.  You can check it
out at:

Contact us at sales at geospatialtraining.com to have us come to your site to
teach this class.

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