[gis_info] Geoscience FIT meeting doodle

David Percy percyd at pdx.edu
Fri Jul 3 07:40:22 PDT 2020

Hi Geological GIS folks!

It's time for an Oregon Geoscience FIT meeting! We haven't had one in quite
a while, and there's lots to show.
We have a new data model to roll out, thanks to DOGAMI's efforts during the
last FIT funding cycle. This gets the database in the USGS NCGMP GeMS
I'll also have some fixes I've been working on...

I'll put out a video ahead of time showing some of the new features...

So, here's the Doodle poll, I picked a date range that hopefully doesn't
conflict too much with other meetings. It's out in the future a bit, so
hopefully we can plan that far...

David Percy ("Percy"), M.S.
-Geospatial Data Manager
-Web Map Wrangler
-GIS Instructor
Portland State University
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