[gis_info] Integration between Excel and ArcPro/GIS Apps

Diego Portillo diego_denver at hotmail.com
Mon Jun 29 23:00:29 PDT 2020

I have integrated Excel and ArcGIS using Insights, ArcGIS for Office, and even using ArcGIS Pro. It has come a long way. There are still good uses for Excel, we all use it because is an easy way to enter and manipulate data. We have ways nowdays to add, integrate and use that information in ArcGIS. The problem is finding the right solution to update the information we have now in ArcGIS (SDE or a GDB) using Excel, or something else for those “Excel users”.

Would like to ask the group Is what user interfaces are you deploying for those “excel users” or to update the GIS data easily and with the similar excel feeling.

I have deployed forms using Access, or custom web based applications, and even used web app builder as an option, but would like to learn more about what other people are using.

Thanks you

Diego Portillo
City of Vancouver
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