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Hi, I'm just popping this up to the top of your inbox, since I sent it on a
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> Hello Oregon GIS Practitioners, I hope this finds you well during these
> trying times... I look forward to seeing you in person sometime...
> :-)
> Ok, so it's *really *time to have a Geoscience FIT meeting!
> (Sorry for the confusion on scheduling this week, quarantine time got me a
> little scrambled...)
> So, here's the background:
> We have a statewide Framework of data themes, one of which is the
> Geoscience Theme.
> The main portal is here <https://www.oregon.gov/geo/Pages/fit.aspx>
> Some other examples are Admin Boundaries, and Hydrography. The Framework
> Implementation Team (FIT) is charged with implementing standards and data
> stewardship.
> The Geoscience theme consists of Geology and Soils. There has also been
> discussion about adding a Geomorphology layer.
> *The Geology and Soils themes are both in need of updates to their
> standards*. The new Soils standard was published and announced on the FIT
> website and this email list one month ago, which according to our rules is
> the amount of time it needs to be available for comment. Please address
> comments to Whityn Owen, the Soils workgroup team lead. Barring objections
> we will approve this new standard at the upcoming meeting.
> The Oregon Geology (OGDC) database has been converted to a new national
> standard promoted by the USGS and the American Association of
> State Geologists (AASG). This standard was originally introduced in 2009 as
> NCGMP09 (National Cooperative Geologic Mapping Program) and, after
> extensive review and modification, was renamed GeMS (Geologic Mapping
> Schema) and released for broad usage in 2018. Both Lina Ma, the former
> Geoscience Framework FIT lead, and myself have worked on the standard with
> the USGS and AASG.
> The main conversion of the Oregon Geology database was completed
> during the 2017-2019 cycle by DOGAMI, funded through the Framework
> Development program.
> I am currently updating the Geology standard and will get it published on
> the website for comment soon. Since this is a major revision we will want
> to have it open for comment for 30 days. We can discuss it at the upcoming
> meeting.
> So, let's have a meeting during the week of Sept 7, on Wed or Thurs,
> here's a poll <https://doodle.com/poll/85vpdyzxfdp2x82d>[1]to pick a
> time. If you would like to be involved, but these times don't work, please
> send me an email and I'll try to work something out with you.
> Thanks for reading and participating,
> Percy
> [1] https://doodle.com/poll/85vpdyzxfdp2x82d
> --
> David Percy ("Percy"), M.S.
> -Geospatial Data Manager
> -Web Map Wrangler
> -GIS Instructor
> Portland State University Geology
> -geology.pdx.edu

David Percy ("Percy"), M.S.
-Geospatial Data Manager
-Web Map Wrangler
-GIS Instructor
Portland State University
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