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A quick update from the Chief Data Officer is attached in the newsletter below.  A link to subscribe for future updates is included within the newsletter.

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Kathryn Darnall Helms
Chief Data Officer
Enterprise Information Services
Data Governance and Transparency
Cell: 971-332-0679
“Ensuring user-friendly, reliable and secure state technology systems that serve Oregonians.”

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Oregon's Data Strategy Released

Oregon's Data Strategy: Unlocking Oregon's Potential<https://www.oregon.gov/das/OSCIO/Documents/68230_DAS_EIS_DataStrategy_2021_v2.pdf>, is the first enterprise data strategy for the State of Oregon.  Crafted over the previous year, the strategy sets a long-term vision for data within the State and establishes a biennial action plan to set Oregon on the path to success.

Find the Oregon Data Strategy on the Enterprise Information Services' Homepage<https://www.oregon.gov/das/OSCIO/>

Open Data Resources
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The State's Open Data Standard<https://data.oregon.gov/stories/s/Oregon-s-Open-Data-Standard/xr2x-d2d7/> has been finalized and published, with additional resources to help State Agencies identify, prioritize, and publish open data. Resources will continually be added to help agencies through each phase of the Open Data Program and trainings will be announced soon.

Oregon's Open Data Standard <https://data.oregon.gov/Administrative/Oregon-s-Open-Data-Standard/ewk6-d856> provides the requirements for State Agencies' participation in the State's Open Data Program.

The Open Data Coordinator's Handbook<https://data.oregon.gov/Administrative/Open-Data-Coordinator-s-Handbook/p6rj-4fdp> provides detailed instructions to help appointed data coordinators in completing the deliverables of the Open Data Standard.

The Data Inventory<https://www.oregon.gov/das/OSCIO/Documents/Data%20Inventory%20Template.xlsx> is the first step in identifying open datasets. Agencies should use the inventory template linked above when submitting their inventory to the Chief Data Officer by March 2022.

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