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Information Re: Highsmith reading records/logs for summer reading:

CSLP members will soon be ordering 2009 Be Creative materials.  They might have some questions in regard to the Be Creative reading records.  FYI:  The book list reading record has 55 lines if you combine the lines on all three pages (there are lines on the inside and lines on the back).  The timed reading records have 63 ovals--nine rows of seven across.

The reading record folders are the same type of design as the last two years--there are lines down on the bottom for a book list and there are spaces above to color or sticker that can be used as a timed sheet or to fill in a spot as they finish a book.  The bottom of the folder does fold up to make "pockets" to carry papers, etc.  The mocked up one in the catalog has the fold looking a bit weird.  It actually ends up looking just like a pocket folder.

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