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Hi everyone,

Here is the reply email from US Toy Company and a pdf from Kipp, both responses to my inquiries about the lead content in the toys and incentives that they sell.

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>>> "Stacy Gicante" <sgicante at ustoyco.com> 3/26/2009 10:37 AM >>>
Dear Ms. Toewe,


All toys ordered since the CPSCIA was passed are being tested for the full
range of tests required.  This is not only for lead but other "heavy
metals", PHTHALATES, flammability, small parts, sharp edges, tec.  As our
inventory turns over, we expect to have documented tests which we will have
online for all appropriate products.  


We are not testing to the current CPSCIA standards on lead but to the
stricter 90 PPM standard which is where the US standard eventually will be.
Many of our items were always made to the 90 PPM level as we sold them to
Europe and that is the European EN71 standard.  


To our knowledge, all of our current inventory is in compliance with the
CPSCIA.  We did have some items we suspected had PHTHALATES and pulled those
items from sale.  Until the CPSCIA, there were not PHTHALATE requirements
and items were not tested fort PHTHALATES as there were not standards to
test against. 


The new CPSCIA regulates "substrate" lead for the first time.  Up until the
act was passed, nothing was tested for substrate lead.  To our knowledge,
our current inventory complies. 


The laws are constantly changing as new regulation come out.  As you are
aware, at first children's books were covered and now those from the last 20
years are not; at first sporting goods were covered and now they are not;
etc.  we have a full time person in the office that does nothing but keep
track of the changing laws and our testing; as we carry over 20,000 items,
this is no small task. 


As to the items purchased in 2008 before the CPSCIA was passed, we have no
reason to believe any of them have either surface lead or substrate lead in
excess of the current standards.  However, there is not testing on substrate
lead on those products.  


We only buy from the most respected factories.  We go to those factories to
see how the products are made and that standards are met for the working
conditions we require (no child labor).  The largest of these factories test
the raw materials before processing, during processing and then afterward;
we use an independent third party lab to verify the findings.   




Michael Klein


U.S. Toy Co., Inc./Constructive Playthings


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