[kids-lib] Oregon Librarian on Jeopardy

ENGELFRIED Steven stevene at multcolib.org
Thu May 28 09:39:20 PDT 2009

This is not really library related, but I just wanted folks to know that
an Oregon children's librarian will be on the tv show Jeopardy on Monday
June 1st...actually, it's me!  I can't say how well (or how poorly) I
did, but in case you do watch it I just want to say in advance that if
you see someone else, not me, answer a Harry Potter question correctly,
it doesn't mean I didn't know the answer... I just mistimed the buzzer
(and instantly realized I may have ruined my reputation as a children's
librarian forever...).  Despite that moment (and one or two others), it
was lots of fun!  

- Steven Engelfried, Raising A Reader Coordinator
  2010 Newbery Award Committee Member
  Multnomah County Library
  205 NE Russell Street
  Portland, OR  97212-3796
  503-988-5206 (phone)
  503-988-5441 (fax)
  stevene at multcolib.org
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