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The following new titles are available for interlibrary loan from the Oregon State Library. If you would like to request these or other materials from the Oregon State Library please use your library's established interlibrary loan process or send your full name, the name of your library, complete title information, shipping address, and a phone number to the document delivery department at library.request at state.or.us<mailto:library.request at state.or.us> or (fax) 503-588-7119.  Items will be checked out to your library, not to you personally, for 4 weeks (print materials) or 2 weeks (videos).  Materials will be delivered via mail or Orbis Cascade Alliance Courier, and you may return them the same way.

Cobb, J. (2007). What'll I Do With the Baby-O? Nursery Rhymes, Songs, and Stories for Babies. Vancouver, BC , Canada: Black Sheep Press.

What'll I Do With The Baby-o is a selection of great rhymes, songs, and stories to use in play with infants 0 to 2 years. Whether it's for use at a library program, a Mother Goose program, in a daycare, or at home, there is enough material here to engage and delight babies throughout their first two years of development. All of the activities recommended encourage the bonding, early language and literacy, brain and emotional development, and fun that will enrich parents' and babies' lives in ways that will last a lifetime.
*         useful chapters on baby brain development, early language and literacy development, the role of books, rhymes and songs in pre-literacy development, and the ages and stages of infant development for programmers,
*         program planning and presentation tips,
*         resources including age appropriate board books for babies and toddlers, read aloud books for baby programs, and stories to tell,
*         350 rhymes and songs arranged by type for easy access,
*         an index to all the rhymes and songs by type and by first line,
*         256 pages,
*         bibliographies for further reading.
*         ISBN: 0-9698666-1-5
*         13 digit ISBN: 978-0-9698666-1-9
*         A CD of 36 beautiful songs to sing to babies
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Sasse, M. (2010). Active Baby, Healthy Brain: 135 Fun Exercises and Activities to Maximize Your Child's Brain Development from Birth Through age 51/2. New York: The Experiment.
Movement, play, and active exploration in the first five years of a child's life are essential to the development of his or her body and brain. Now Active Baby, Healthy Brain presents 135 massages, exercises, and activities that engage your child's love of play while also stimulating his or her brain development in multiple areas, including:
*         Balance
*         Cross-pattern movement
*         Visualization
*         Vestibular (inner ear) stimulation
*         Laterality
*         Fine and gross motor skills
Each activity is presented on its own page with step-by-step instructions, appealing illustrations, and illuminating sidebars. The detailed instructions tell you exactly how to do each activity, as well as how to incorporate toys, music, dance, and games. No single activity takes more than two minutes, and all that's required is ten minutes a day. More than thirty years in the making, Active Baby, Healthy Brain is an indispensable guide for everyone who is raising a child or who interacts with preschoolers.
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Eliot, L. (1999). What's Going on in There? How the Brain and Mind Develop in the First Five Years of Life. New York: Bantam Books.
As a research neuroscientist, Lise Eliot has made the study of the human brain her life's work. But it wasn't until she was pregnant with her first child that she became intrigued with the study of brain development. She wanted to know precisely how the baby's brain is formed, and when and how each sense, skill, and cognitive ability is developed. And just as important, she was interested in finding out how her role as a nurturer can affect this complex process. How much of her baby's development is genetically ordained--and how much is determined by environment? Is there anything parents can do to make their babies' brains work better--to help them become smarter, happier people? Drawing upon the exploding research in this field as well as the stories of real children, What's Going On in There? is a lively and thought-provoking book that charts the brain's development from conception through the critical first five years. In examining the many factors that play crucial roles in that process, What's Going On in There? explores the evolution of the senses, motor skills, social and emotional behaviors, and mental functions such as attention, language, memory, reasoning, and intelligence. This remarkable book also discusses:
*         how a baby's brain is "assembled" from scratch
*         the critical prenatal factors that shape brain development
*         how the birthing process itself affects the brain
*         which forms of stimulation are most effective at promoting cognitive development
*         how boys' and girls' brains develop differently
*         how nutrition, stress, and other physical and social factors can permanently affect a child's brain
Brilliantly blending cutting-edge science with a mother's wisdom and insight, What's Going On in There? is an invaluable contribution to the nature versus nurture debate. Children's development is determined both by the genes they are born with and the richness of their early environment. This timely and important book shows parents the innumerable ways in which they can actually help their children grow better brains.
(book description)
Be sure to check out our Library and Information Science (LIS) blog (http://osl-lis.blogspot.com/) to discover the most recent additions to our LIS collection and search our catalog (http://oregon.gov/OSL/index.shtml) for our complete holdings. The library science collection is meant to support the whole Oregon library community.  The Library Development Division welcomes your suggestions for acquisitions - see the blog for an input form or email us!

This collection is funded with LSTA funds administered by the Oregon State Library.

Katie Anderson, Library Development Services
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