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Hello Oregon children's librarians!  Below is an email from the Oregon Association of School Libraries (OASL) listserv regarding the 'Reading is an Investment' reading contest.  To participate children in K-5th Grade complete a reading log and submit it to the Office of the State Treasurer to enter to win a $500 Oregon College Savings Plan scholarship.  Kids must read at least 3 books from the reading list, after that they may read any book to complete their reading log.

All public schools received copies of some of the books from the reading list, however homeschoolers and private schools did not.  If your library serves a lot of families that homeschool or have children in private school you may want to consider putting up a display of some the titles from the reading list and providing reading logs/entry forms.

*         View the reading list online at: http://www.ost.state.or.us/Read/Recommended%20Reading%20List%202010.pdf

*         Download and print reading logs/entry forms online at: http://www.ost.state.or.us/Read/Reading%20Log%202010.pdf

*         Reading is an Investment homepage: http://www.ost.state.or.us/Read/

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Just a friendly reminder that Reading is an Investment is in full swing.  Sponsored by the State Treasurer and the Oregon College Savings Plan, the program aims to promote literacy and financial education among K-5 elementary students in Oregon.  http://www.ost.state.or.us/Read/About.htm
As part of the program, you should have received two free books for your elementary school library:  Rickshaw Girl by Mitali Perkins and The Penny Pot by Stuart J. Murphy.  Homeschoolers and students in private elementary schools are welcome to participate, but they do not receive the donated books.
The other component is encouraging kids to read or be read to, and the books should relate to money and finances.  Students must read at least 3 books from the recommended reading list, and they can enter the drawing for a college savings plan scholarship up to 10 times.

For resources such as a home newsletter, curriculum tie-ins, and the recommended reading list, visit http://www.ost.state.or.us/Read/Teachers.htm.  The 2nd page of the reading log has a detailed explanation of how to participate.  http://www.ost.state.or.us/Read/Reading%20Log%202010.pdf
For students to be eligible for one of the $500 college savings plan scholarships, their entries must be received by March 18, 2010.
Need the program information in Spanish?  http://www.ost.state.or.us/Read/Espanol/
If you have any questions about Reading is an Investment, contact Tasha Kiger, Executive Assistant in the Office of the State Treasurer.  503.378.4329 or reading.investment at ost.state.or.us<mailto:reading.investment at ost.state.or.us>


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