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Susan Ludington sludington at cityofsalem.net
Wed Sep 1 13:09:16 PDT 2010

Earlier this spring at the annual meeting for the Collaborative Summer
Library Program organization, Katie Anderson and the CSD/OYAN-appointed
representatives received clarification regarding the official Rules of
Use as they apply to CSLP artwork and clipart. Although the rules have
actually never changed, it was made clear that "CSLP members may not use
CSLP artwork or clip-art from the CSLP manual to create customized paper
products if Highsmith offers a similar paper product." In particular,
many were surprised to learn that, under these rules, libraries are not
allowed to incorporate the CSLP artwork/clipart into library-specific
reading logs and certificates.
A number of you offered comments and feedback at that time, by and
large expressing frustration at the apparent limitations as specified by
Highsmith. Katie encouraged all of us to continue the discussion and to
provide as much input as possible, so that we can advocate our position
as a unified voice.
Next Friday, Katie and Oregon's CSLP representatives will take part in
a teleconference with the Chair of CSLP's Rules of Use Committee, and
begin a dialog detailing our concerns. We would like to ensure that we
address all questions and comments from Oregon libraries, and so are
asking for you to provide any additional opinions or feedback on this
matter by Wednesday, September 8th. If you have not done so already,
would you please take a moment to share your opinion of the Rules of Use
of CSLP, and how those conditions impact your summer reading program? If
you aren't comfortable sending comments via the listserv, please send an
email directly to Katie [katie.anderson at state.or.us] and she’ll add it
to the compilation.
Oregon has been an active player in the Collaborative for years, and
Katie and our CSLP representatives are ready and willing to lobby in
support of whatever direction our libraries want to go. Thank you for
speaking up and making your opinions heard!

Susan Ludington

Teen Services Librarian
Salem Public Library
sludington at cityofsalem.net

All Oregon public, volunteer, and tribal libraries are members of the
Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP), and receive a free summer
reading manual. To get the most out of your membership, create an
account on the CSLP website (http://www.cslpreads.org/) and have access
to additional summer reading resources. CSLP membership dues and manual
fees are paid for by the State Library with LSTA funds. Summer reading
manuals are distributed by OLA's Children's Services Division.
For more information, contact one of Oregon’s CSLP Representatives:
Paige Bentley-Flannery, CSD Summer Reading Chair:
paigeb at dpls.lib.or.us
Kendra Jones, incoming CSD Summer Reading Chair: KendraM at wccls.org
Susan Ludington, OYAN CSLP Liaison: sludington at cityofsalem.net
Katie Anderson, Oregon’s CSLP Representative:
katie.anderson at state.or.us 
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