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Hello!  I recently received the following email regarding an out-of-date map of Africa in Chapter 6 of the children's summer reading manual of One World, Many Stories. Please do not use it for your summer reading program.

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Katie Anderson, Library Development Services
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State Reps,

Please forward to your libraries.

An out-of-date map was used for the continent of Africa, and several countries either changed their name or are misspelled. Youth Services Librarian David Cubie (OH) found the following errors on the map of Africa in Chapter 6:

  1.       The assignment is to write the names of seven countries listed at

the top and attach them to the countries w/o names (they are shaded)

 ---Tunisia, although not shaded does not have the name of the country

 written on or near it-this could cause confusion for some children.

  2.       I found two countries misspelled:  The country Mauritania is spelled

on the CSLP map "Maurinania" & the country Lesotho is misspelled


 3.        Two countries are actually completely wrong in name:  the territory

Rio Muni is no longer the name of a country-in 1968 it became a

 territory of Equatorial Guinea, or more accurately Republic of

 Equatorial Guinea.  The third largest country in Africa is no longer

 Zaire, it is actually called Democratic Republic of the Congo, and has been called that since 1997.

 4.        In the instructions at the top of the page it says there are 53

countries in Africa, when there are actually 54.  There are 53 members

 of the AU (African Union), with Morocco being the one country abstaining.

 5.        The coastline of Gabon is missing, altering the coastline of the

entire continent.

Adrienne Butler, Children's Manual Chair
Youth Services Consultant
Oklahoma Department of Libraries
200 Northest 18th Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73105-3298

abutler at oltn.odl.state.ok.us

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