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The book is SOPHIE AND JACK HELP OUT by Judy Taylor.  Just happens to be one of my favorite books (I still have a personal copy), but it’s unfortunately out of print.
And the first line is indeed “Spring had arrived!”

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Patron recalls a paperback book from 20 years ago (or more). A wind sweeps in and blows all the labels in the vegetable garden around so there's no way to know which row has carrots, and which row has lettuce, etc. (I made up the vegetable details - assuming they had carrots , etc.)

She thinks the first line is "Spring had arrived." She also recalls the words "mixed-up garden".

We've exhausted Google, Novelist, and Amazon. Any ideas?


Ashland Branch Children's Dept

Jackson County Library Services

PS We have ruled-out "Molly & Emmett's Suprise Garden" by Hafner, Marilyn & "The Wind's Garden" by Roberts, Bethany

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