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Katie Anderson katie.anderson at state.or.us
Thu Apr 11 13:08:00 PDT 2013

Hello! I just received the following newsletter from Polk County's early learning coalition. The first section is an interview with Jada Rupley, the director of the Early Learning Council, and is an excellent, short, simple overview of what's going on regarding early childhood. The second section is an update on what Polk Count's early learning coalition is doing. While this section may not be directly relevant to you, it will give explicit examples of activities communities can be doing to prepare for the transition to early learning hubs--things your local early learning coalition may be working on too.

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From: Polk County Service Integration [demoe.brent at co.polk.or.us]
Sent: Thursday, April 11, 2013 10:30 AM
To: Katie Anderson
Subject: Polk County Early Learning Update

Polk County Early Learning Update
April 2013

In This Issue
Parenting Resources for Polk and Yamhill Counties
Get Involved
What's a HUB?
Preparing for the HUB
211 Family Info Line
[Join Our Mailing List]<http://visitor.r20.constantcontact.com/email.jsp?m=1112945067603>

Mid-Valley Parenting

Polk and Yamhill Counties have teamed up to offer a comprehensive website with a myriad of parenting resources.
Check out Mid-Valley Parenting<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW5-2Bny8yDmYrAL1u526-zCnDAKIFIp36Jss02T5t9NbZWcO-kLu8S1c57-xKYxNOUVscLVVOv3eEGX3OWV2i5xlY9GXlBfNyvdbx9n2YcJj7YXGPjbFoyjP> today!

Get Involved!

Come join us at our county-wide early childhood team, Partners for Young Children as we "Strengthen each child's potential."


Meetings are held the 3rd Wednesday of each month from 10:30-12:00 at Polk Fire Station<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW58uijCX1qESNkYXZ9s3dbeq8nonvYJ_NW7Y7d0NqdNX01kBarFKbyo4bfJ_fXmaOY4yquZZWg4M9PAgVjv2QF_Zi1H7uCfFAXiFikLWPfh-5by2VcvM29YFJPEPvu7hP62xChMj3p7FPSFtzPej5aCW> #1 in Independence,  Oregon.

Quick Links

Polk County Service Integration <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW5_NSW__Tg__B64I3ZghwgwMUSFy_67bOzE6FtfHxvVD4wdjZxsoU14SaKfkrooXozr8uIgXDQyPPEx2k-F2tDw0gnMDA3sL_2wnkzT66kRZUgiklqrc-A-loPkFF6SoFY2dspeMCZ-vAhTDPQxTo41N>

 State Early Learning Council <http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW59fITnc1X2Gae7Qd7YV-JxnMt-A_8_rNEMQuWFRJHz1laHsyS1dQJnqfdGP7PKNpHK49GZtAMEC9K0STznV6RHU-PLIEIZQJHYZ0pPWOJkObmRi0QMgY5i2eVty9NZUyoBCh09_J4z6QM2fSRdpx1YdKIA1aiYve8CW0OvzsYRR5TOXIaLkOn-uiZMUBrdjAqc=>

 Mid-Valley Parenting<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW5-2Bny8yDmYrAL1u526-zCnDAKIFIp36Jss02T5t9NbZWcO-kLu8S1c57-xKYxNOUVscLVVOv3eEGX3OWV2i5xlY9GXlBfNyvdbx9n2YcJj7YXGPjbFoyjP>


Dear Polk County Early Learning Partners,

Happy Spring! With legislative session in full swing, it's an exciting time for Oregon as our state considers ways to improve the early childhood system. This email should bring you up to speed on what's happening in Polk County regarding Early Learning.

Please feel free to e mail me back with any questions or concerns you might have.

Brent DeMoe
Polk County Service Integration Manager
demoe.brent at co.polk.or.us

What is an Early Learning Accountability HUB?
Interview with Jada Rupley, Early Learning System Director
[Jada Rupley]

What is an early learning HUB?

"Hub" is informal shorthand for Community-Based Coordinators of Early Learning Services, outlined and directed in HB 4165<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW58SSrVc1Cq1RhKgaqznJ_s3-hKIsETwYevzMIzr80xlWRujUsZKxCAU17h9yeMxjcRblHTtNopANIo6iPDuxEfRjXFv4LduYIELZH2Tsk__CAkCzgPXmuiENogrcXu2caZUzCha6pGHlA==> from 2012. Hubs link and coordinate a range of services in an efficient and cost effective manner to alleviate bureaucratic frustrations, duplication, and to ensure community services are all collectively responsible for getting kids to Kindergarten prepared to learn.

When will they begin operation?

We're currently awaiting future direction from the legislature, most likely through HB 2013<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW58klCgJrbLCIZwLcvlP4IeG87O-HcnfM8BrfnByNadikzuKiOrTw5Mx_00jg8PoOwsYaqq3C3yfNILSLsm3tqw6KCQpbm3au7Ckhft3pO6wwblgpFwblTX7NrAdNqZyvEnzVxVpTMtPqw==>, on timeline and detailed process. HB 4165, our legislative direction from 2012, directs a system to be in place by January 2014. As we await future legislative decision, this direction could include a timeline of demonstration projects, phasing, or a different direction.

What should counties and/or early learning partners be doing to prepare for HUBS?

Communities should most importantly be talking to each other and planning solutions;starting and wrapping up conversations; bringing parents and families to the table to see what they need; and talking and sharing with other communities about what's worked for them so service providers can borrow models and ideas from one another.

More specifically, communities should map existing services for children and families, work together to identify the families most vulnerable in the community, and  explore the most effective service alignments.

Who are the key partners to have involved in kindergarten readiness?

Very important will be creating connections between Kindergarten teachers and early learning providers - making sure there are opportunities for discussion and thinking of ways to share across disciplines. Any health, social, education, or other service that affects Oregon children and families in communities also. This affects communities differently, so it's important to identify who will be impacted and how.

What excites you about the early learning movement in Oregon?

First, the fact this effort is state supported and community-driven is very exciting. This is communities across the state doing what they know best for families, in turn benefiting the entire state now and collectively for the future. We are all investing early so the next generation of Oregonians can be better. This is the text book definition of collaboration, and I'm proud to work with everyone, meet so many new people, and watch everyone come together collectively to make innovation happen.

Second, we are entering unchartered territory. Like pioneers reaching Oregon for the first time, we are not only reinventing how services are delivered to children and connecting that to school readiness, but taking that a step further through larger P-20 education reform. This is happening a few other places in the country, but Oregon really is a pioneer on this front.

What has Polk County been doing
to prepare?


Even though there is lots of uncertainty, Polk County and its Early Learning partners are preparing for next steps.

Here's what we've been up to:

  *   Mapping of children 0-6 in Polk County: This exercise gave us great insight as to where we should concentrate our efforts in reaching kids and families with any kindergarten readiness materials and programming. Public Heath and Child Care have the most contact points with our target population.
Click here to see the results.<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW5_h1QqcoNhfDy5ss4YdtVf7N237X5yFHCBWJZb3x_2464l_D09FL3tuJTn-HKeSYi-3z-s0ZCtZNN8zvo8CKlG793Bc0FbSmTqBQy6xZxtutqgoZUXLz8GARGvYyEehl4PhbUMdv7fQ9zLT9LUxyRyWjuGNGoF88oK8fKrRl-B9FzHRY2cwV7IK>
  *   Increased resources: Part of school success is access to resources for families. We have strengthened our Service Integration<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW5_NSW__Tg__B64I3ZghwgwMUSFy_67bOzE6FtfHxvVD4wdjZxsoU14SaKfkrooXozr8uIgXDQyPPEx2k-F2tDw0gnMDA3sL_2wnkzT66kRZUgiklqrc-A-loPkFF6SoFY2dspeMCZ-vAhTDPQxTo41N> model, shared it with Yamhill County and will be presenting to Lincoln County on the 18th. We now have 7 Service Integration Teams<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW5-l1KqMMc_m9eupHffLYDIjRRYzSWpfRQwHBcVDP2Wur94md5G22RNHVEoVwJwr4RgsGyBNaLzlA5foh0pmzW358upFxr3Rc0dFnFjbD92owOVwXZI3jiTBi_eIHDNil0P1_KK0CdV_vglC8nBK2uraMYRuodlW-PSCYtW-RVHg2orf2BEf_AAEwbXbf9yhXDUH_e2RKol4b5dQqp5kGy4HBJuNly3QrjW3I5bDajiUXA==> meeting throughout all of Polk County.
  *   Early Learning Family Education Conference: Learn, Grow, Thrive family conference<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW59C5ju5laJ5WKBJUjZKK-HwaGvZoUjwiT62LFHFZXJWrxE-ntmC60xKCG8Trp9_jGVZwNLu_fTDEkE3MPvIjkTW54osDbbZgX-SHopcq7aIUvNSm6Bz87nL35Fp1wqH_V6PBP6ivIWR5phKvgv_eLkZoUQK6zBwKeyT4POAXTFZWsg75VWoV9AH> (held at Western Oregon University) will include a wide selection of workshops for parents, caregivers and early learning professionals. Topics include Kindergarten Readiness led by Caleb Harris and Todd Baughman, principals of Oakdale and Lyle Elementary schools, and much more!
  *   211 Partnership: Through participation on the 211 Board, as well as the regional 211 advisory council, Polk County has a voice in ensuring community members have increased access to resource information. Polk County also provides office space to the regional 211 coordinator.
  *   State-Level Involvement: Staff is actively participating in the Early Learning Council<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW58IO-O70WixQgUUWuWxQCm1fxrpxN6L31i4195zeuGC-zQd3ye_xBTkm4xyjdyx4Fa0JuOezPrPFdkxUlPnsiEqeZN433MUgyjBZppjqSvCBxtiEMQGhh3jLBRhZSkKGE4zgtz0SdmLBAt6DVl2jcrO19jfPU8KmQsjD4lfJucqcDmelPwfMHdHHfsraa4V6uc1qX2QgP79Gg==> and staying in constant communication with local legislators about bills affecting Polk County.
  *   Partnership with Dallas School District: The Dallas School District (specifically Lyle Elementary School) was the recipient of a The Oregon  Community Foundation  P-3 grant (Prenatal-3rd grade).<http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=001Rlzf5E2cW58gDWCQp0OAyKH1LPmWfAMnTE5fbSwwWfKSxUdxHLu6-qrbo6BtyCCxQG7e9s9cbg80HkX4kIKwnhvoBTLmc4JmO_rlAj3Rx7eoByckjhHBliillTeseFG7fS-i13L4mIPrU62twEyT4cD_N22vslTvo2lLFiJ_TCkbVFC6XHTavxaZvT7T3UTdYaLiMSnxKlU=> The focus of the grant is to work toward Kindergarten readiness in the Dallas area starting at the prenatal stage. Staff is a key partner in this effort. Data and information learned will be used to enhance services in all areas of the county.

New FREE resource for Polk County families... 211 Family Info now LIVE

More than just information and referral: 211 Family Info builds a relationship and works together with parents and caregivers of children birth to 8 years old to find solutions. From the single father of three who has questions about sibling rivalry, to the mother who is looking for strategies for fewer tantrums, 211 Family Info provides a compassionate ear, reassuring guidance and vital information for those seeking assistance. People can either:
*Dial 211
*Email children at 211info.org or
*Text the term "children" to 898211...

to connect with a 211 Family Info specialist for FREE. Staff includes master's level professionals with experience in early childhood education and development, parenting support, and infant mental health.
[211 logo]

I hope you found this e mail informative. As we hear more from the legislature and the State Early Learning Council, we will keep you all informed.

Brent DeMoe
Polk County Service Integration

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