[kids-lib] SL3: Bringing SRP and free lunch to the kids who need it most

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Mon Jul 7 15:25:20 PDT 2014

SL3 is the School Libraries, Summer Lunch, and Summer Learning project keeping school libraries open in conjunction with free summer food sites to bring the summer reading program (and other expanded learning opportunities) to underserved youth who likely can't get to public libraries during the summer. SL3 is a partnership with the Oregon State Library, OregonASK<http://www.oregonask.org/>, National Summer Learning Association<http://www.summerlearning.org/>, Summer Food Oregon<http://www.summerfoodoregon.org/>, Bazillion Books<http://www.bazillionbooksforkids.org/>, and local schools and public libraries.

What should I know about SL3?

*         Participating schools are required to contact their local public library to ask if you are able to partner with them to provide your summer reading program at the school's library. If you can't, then the State Library will provide them with statewide summer reading materials so their summer reading program looks similar to what you are doing at your library.

*         If a family can't get to your library to participate in summer reading and your outreach is limited, then you can suggest they participate in summer reading at an SL3 site.

*         SL3 is collecting data that may help us better understand the impact of reading during the summer on the summer slide; information we all need to justify and advocate for the summer reading program.

What can I do to start an SL3 site at a school in my community?

*         Learn what level of involvement is required by reading the 2013 SL3 Project Overview (attached)

*         Schedule a meeting with your contact at the school to start talking about how you can partner to meet the required involvement and keep their school library open next summer in conjunction with free summer lunch.

*         Download, fill out, and submit the 2015 SL3 Interest Form (attached)

*         If you have questions about the requirements and interest form, please contact Lynn Kneeland (lynn.kneeland at oregonask.org<mailto:lynn.kneeland at oregonask.org>).

Where are SL3 sites?
Currently sites are in Marion, Polk, and Lane Counties because that is where OregonASK has staff to help manage the programs. However, the goal is to continue to expand sites to more counties each year and eventually have sites statewide. The 2014 SL3 sites are:

*         Ash Creek Elementary

*         Independence Elementary

*         Monmouth Elementary

*         Falls City Elementary

*         Harrisburg Elementary

*         Guy Lee Elementary

*         Heritage Elementary

*         Nellie Muir Elementary

*         Auburn Elementary

*         Mary Eyre Elementary

*         Four Corners Elementary

*         Grant Elementary

*         Hallman Elementary

*         Kennedy Elementary

*         Lamb Elementary

*         Washington Elementary

*         Yoshikai Elementary

*         Schirle Elementary

*         Candalaria Elementary

*         Parish Middle School

*         Stephens Middle School

*         Waldo Middle School

*         Claggett Creek Middle School

We are doing this at a school in my community, but the school isn't on this list?
Please email the name of the school(s) and your contact information to Lynn Kneeland at OregonASK (lynn.kneeland at oregonask.org<mailto:lynn.kneeland at oregonask.org>) to let her know what is happening in your community.

Where can I learn more about SL3?

*         OregonASK's SL3 webpage: http://www.oregonask.org/articles/summer-learning#overlay-context=

*         A word about SL3 from the State Librarian: http://snippetsfromthestatelibrarian.wordpress.com/2014/07/03/sl3-school-libraries-summer-lunch-summer-learning/

*         Evaluations of the 2013 SL3 program: http://www.oregonask.org/sites/default/files/SL3_2013%20Outcomes%20Report.pdf

Contact me (katie.anderson at state.or.us<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us>) and/or Lynn Kneeland (lynn.kneeland at oregonask.org<mailto:lynn.kneeland at oregonask.org>).

Katie Anderson, Library Development Services
* Youth Services Consultant * Oregon Center for the Book Coordinator *
Oregon State Library, 250 Winter St. NE, Salem, OR 97301
katie.anderson at state.or.us<mailto:katie.anderson at state.or.us>, 503-378-2528

[Fizz Boom Read][Girlandcloud]
Summer Reading 2014 at Oregon libraries<http://libdir.osl.state.or.us/>!
Find a summer food site<http://www.summerfoodoregon.org/>.

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